Welcome to Ryan's Page

This page has had "a whole new look coming in about a month or so" for over two years now (Yeah, yeah, I know...) It could happen any day now, but don't hold your breath in anticipation.

In fact, the only thing I've done with my page in a year is let all the links expire. I believe the popular term is "link rot." Well, get some Micatin, because I have a monster case here! So, if you want links, go to Yahoo.

I used to claim that I'd "keep you posted," but frankly I'm not even going to do that. You'll just show up one day, and the "whole new look" will have just happened, and it'll be a great surprise (not least of all to me). Everyone likes surprises, right?

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy your visit...what there is of it.

Vist my alma mater at the Sheridan High School Page. At least this link is still good! I guess you can go home again.

One of the best pages I know of is the W5YM page. This is the Amateur Radio Club of the University of Arkansas. I like it so much, I'm not just a member, I'm the president! I guess that makes me a little biased.

I'm also a member of the Razorback Band. Frankly, we are nothing short of awesome, but then again, I'm biased here, too.

Three! Three good links! Ha, ha, ha, ha!!!

See where I live! Buchanan-Droke Hall is the best place to live on or off campus. Home of the Honors Freaks and Cheese Funk.

For the past six years, Buch-Droke has also been the home of Holloway Productions, which has produced some of the great classics of modern cinema, including: Indian Mummies, Part II: Wrapping It Up; Tales From The Buchside, featuring the original Buch Wars; The Renix; and Buch Wars: The Rip-ire Strikes Buch, in which I have a starring role.

All the old LEGO stuff went away, so I'll have to find more. I think the Official LEGO Homepage is still operational, though.

Video games are cool, too! Takea side trip to the Sega of America Home Page. They have some pretty cool stuff if you have a browser with graphics.

The fact that I had to question whether or not your browser has graphics should tell you something about how long it's been since I updated my page.

If you really like video games, though, go to Next Generation Magazine.

The movies in the Star Wars Trilogy are three of my favorites. This is a pretty thorough page dealing with all things Star Wars.

Now, though, there is the Official Star Wars Trilogy Page. It's pretty good, so I'd recommend a trip to a galaxy far, far away.

Firearm enthusiasts should investigate their Second Amendment Rights at the National Rifle Association Homepage.

Yet another good link! Wow! How many is that now? Five or six?

Make a right turn to one of the unofficial