Super High Performance

PDP-11 Processor Upgrades

The M11 super high speed processor delivers more processing power for your PDP-11 applications. It is the latest in a line of high speed processor boards from Mentec that are 100% compatible with the PDP-11 instruction set. If you use existing Q-BUS PDP-11 processors and you are looking for more speed, check out the M11.

M11 Picture
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The M100 is a high performance, quad height Q-BUS board offering customers the essential speed increase you demand withour having to change existing proven software. Mentec's advanced parity memory subsystem design coupled with the use of high speed DRAMs, enables all on-board memory to operate at cache speed. This gives all PDP applications a high-performance capability

M100 Picture
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M70 board M90 board

Anticipating the industry wide need for more and more powerful processors, Mentec, through the years developed ever faster SBC processors. The knowledge thus gained paved the way for the design of today's super high performance M11.


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