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Intel Inside

The Pentium II

At Millennium Microsystems we custom build PCs for home, office or network use using the AMD K6 and the Intel Pentium II processors. Our services include custom machines, upgrades, repairs and networking. We also sell high quality, name brand PC peripherals to the end user.


Many of our prices are published online. To view a categorized price list of the products we offer CLICK HERE. Please keep in mind that prices are ever changing in the PC industry and we can not be obligated to promise any of the prices on this website beyond the date published.

Because our PCs are truely custom built and completely unique to our customer's configuration, we offer a fax back or e-mail back service for custom clone quotes. Simply CLICK HERE and fill in the blanks. Please feel free to fill in the text area at the bottom with any special instructions or specific monitor, printer or configuration requirements. Because all of our quotes are done by hand, please allow 24 to 48 hours for a turn around.

Enlight MinitowerEnlight Midtower
$59 and $69

Enlight ATX

At Millennium, we use only top quality cases with UL listed power supplies from ENLIGHT and EVERGREAT. Our offerings are the Enlight Mini and Mid AT (pictured far left) the Mid ATX (pictured left) and the Evergreat NT97 ATX case (pictured right).


We sell Spacewalker motherboards from Holtek/Shuttle. Model 569 features 512K cache and an Intel TX chipset for $89, and model 603 features 1MB of cache and the AMD 640 chipset for $139, and for the Pentium II the Hot 631 board ($129).

We also offer Asus motherboards. The SP97V with on board video and 512K cache for $89. The TX97 or 97E with an Intel TX chipset and 512K cache for $139 and the 97XE for $149. We also carry the P2L97 Pentium II boards in single and dual processor models, as well as with or without on board SCSI.

Millennium's own 2get.net offers unlimited dial up access from almost anywhere in the united states as well as e-mail for only $18.95 per month. Please call for details.

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The page is currently undergoing drastic improvement. Any questions will be happily answered by calling the store at the above phone numbers.

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