Sydney Gay History Walks

The Sodomites' Walk

being a Guide to the Principle Places of Shirt-lifting
in Sydney Town during the Convict Era

The Homosexuals' Walk

being a Walking Tour showing
the principle places of historical interest
to homos, perverts and painted pansies

The Gay Walk Under construction

Pink Places of Sydney during the Orgy Years
from CAMP to Law Reform, 1969-1984

The Home of Vombatus

Meet your native guide and gay historian
Bob Hay
and discover why

Or, for other gay stuff,


Background to the Walks

For many years now, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence have sponsored a Gay History Walk around the streets of Sydney during the annual Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival. More recently, the Sydney gay bush walking club, Southern Cross Outdoors Group or SCOG as it is better known, has organised similar (if less flambuoyant) excursions. The first two Walks above - the "Sodomite" and "Homosexual" Walks - grew out of those events. The third, the "Gay" walk is, of course, a 'virtual' walk because many of the events of that later period took place outside the City of Sydney limits.


I am very grateful to the many people who have helped and supported me in developing these "Walks" to their present form. In particular, I am indebted to Rev Mother Abyss, OPI, and to Robert "Cardinal" French and Garry "Cardinal" Wotherspoon, not only for all the help they have given me personally over the years but more importantly for their very significant contributions to the gay history of our region. Equally, I am deeply indebted to the many archivists and librarians at both the Mitchell Library and the Archives Office of New South Wales, for their expert and generous assistance.

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Last updated 14 February 1997