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by SharonBest

The stories and pictures on the Aurora Universe Web Page are more explicit than the Comics Code allows, but they are still appropriate for a Mature General Audience... something akin to R-rating of the movies.

While many of my stories depict characters that are somewhat reminiscent in appearance and abilities to to DC Comics Kryptonian Supergirl, you will find that my characters have totally different backgrounds and story lines and the explicit nature of their adventures may sometimes go beyond what the Comics Code permits. I thank DC Comics for the inspiration that led to the Velorian and Arion backgrounds of my characters, but as you will find, my stories are truly the chronicles of Aurora and SuperFemme, not of Supergirl as she is known in the comics.

On the other hand, I do write an occasional story that is clearly fan-fiction. For those stories, I ask DC Comics indulgence in using their trademarks and character backgrounds. Also for the occasional scan I might borrow from a DC Comic to use to promote their published books to my readers.


Aurora Universe materials are recommended for Mature Readers.


While this page and its characters are  intended to be non-infringing on any existing copyrights or trademarks, Wonder Woman, Superman and Supergirl are mentioned for reasons of historical reference and are clearly copyrighted by  DC Comics.

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If you're interested in where the readers of the AU come from, here's the list from the last few months. Interesting how many different countries. The USA comes in first with Canada, Japan, Germany and the UK next. Australia and Sweden come in after that. Note that the listings aren't strictly in alphabetical order, so scan the entire list for your country/domain.

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A list of a few recent stories that I've updated and tweaked that you might want to go back and re-read.  

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Stories that may consist of only a few episodes or stories that come from other writers.

Book Six 


The KaraZ series is the story of the most powerful of all Superheroines, Kara Zorel, aka SuperFemme, as she returns from the dead and once again flys through the blue skies of Earth, Protecting us from the alien invaders from the darkest depths of space. And despite the Super name, she is most definately a Velorian, and not from that now-defunct 'K' planet. She may look like Supergirl, but she's something else completely.

The first issue cover of a new Magazine exclusively focused on the Velorian readership living on Earth. You know, advice on romance and fashion along with practical stuff like the best way to deflect particle beams with your body, how to avoid getting burned while smothering nukes in your arms or maybe how to scramble the self-defense systems of Arion warships. Day to day useful stuff like that.

I'd love to have a crack at their subscription list, it's probably not too long. I wonder what kind of products the advertisers target at this demographic group? Mascara that doesn't run during Mach 2 flight at sea level maybe?

This first issue, of course, is no surprise as we all suspected Gabby was 'one of them' ever since that UberGirl article on her a year or two ago. You know, the one where she honestly claimed to be able to leg press thousands of pounds. Not everyone believed her at the time.

Nice to see her make covergirl though, not to mention coming out of the closet in her regulation red and blues no less. Guess I was wrong about Velorians all being blondes. Volleyball anyone? Think you could take her when she's dressed like this?

If you'd like to see more of this type of artwork, visit Down & Out's SuperAngelic Hunting Ground... he's a master of enhancement art.

aurora-interface_j.jpg (12491 bytes)Book One 


This is the first book in the Aurora Universe, the one that started the rest of the insanity that you see below.   It introduces Fairchild (aka Aurora), the most powerful Protector ever sent out from Velor, a young woman who arrives on Earth before her time, her memories scrambled, her training as a Protector incomplete. She quickly learns how to cope with the violent humans who live on Earth...  does she ever!

Kristy02s.jpg (11984 bytes)Book Eight  

Kristy McViey

This is a book of fan-fiction based on the KaraZ stories.  A shapechanger gets the biggest challenge in her life, and a lonely orange farmer in Florida is in for the ride of his life.

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Some exerpts from a White House interview with Stephen Hawking (Associated Press story, 7-Mar-98):

Cosmologist Stephen Hawking says technology won't be the only thing more advanced in the next millennium - people will be better, too.

"I don't believe the science fiction like 'Star Trek' where people are essentially the same 400 years in the furture," the Cambridge physicist said Friday during a lecture in the East Room of the White House.

Hawking said the combination of advanced science and technology inevitably will bring together incredible changes - including genetically-engineered human beings.

"Unless we have a totalitarian world order, someone will design an improved human somewhere," he said, clarifying that he wasn't passing judgement on such changes.

Well, Stephen, we in the AU have already seen the future, and she is Kara or Fairchild or one of her sisters. If genetic engineering technology improves the way all other technologies have, then the human genome will someday be just as 'super' as you will find in the stories on this Page. 

lillith02s.jpg (6219 bytes)Lillith of Velor 

Lillith is Kara's genetic sister who was raised on Velor to be a Protector like her. Unlike her sister, however, Lillith hasn't been assigned to a humanoid planet. Instead, she's been assigned to protect the planet of Tetra, a planet populated by small furry yet intelligent spider creatures. Equal in both physical prowess and sensual beauty to the fabled Aurora of Earth, Lillith is in her mid-teens as this story begins.  A new and untested Protector, she yearns for the company of other humans, only to find that the creatures that she protects are among the most wonderfully kind beings in the universe.

infinitybridge.jpg (6392 bytes)Mac's excellent Infinity Bridge... a place that takes the characters and concepts of the Aurora Universe in new and fascinating directions. Some of the best work I've ever seen in this genre is highlighted on this Page. Among other stories, you'll find JULIE on this page, a series by AK and one of my favorites of all time.


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... and some of my



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Brimstone, formerly BatWoman, is someone who can go toe-to-toe with a Velorian and still walk away.

Chris' stories are dark and compelling, just like a familiar Dark Knight. They are also firmly rooted in the legend of the Aurora Universe.

All The

Myriad Ways...

The Multiple Earths

of SharonBest


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The acts of violence and passion that are sometimes described in these stories are only fantasies and would be impossible for real living people to perform! These stories are strictly for the private non-commercial enjoyment of the authors and of those who share an interest in this genre.

While the names of some of the characters in these stories may be similar to ones used by mainstream comics publishers, especially Supergirl, the actual characters described diverge significantly from any characters of the same names depicted by any other publisher or author. Their powers, their origins and the explicit nature of their actions are all unique to these stories. Any resemblance between any character in these stories and real people is also unintentional. This story is a work of fan-fiction if it involves trademarked names from other publishers and is otherwise an original work by the author(s) denoted below.

License is granted to freely copy or distribute this story as long you give the author(s) below credit and that you leave this notice in place on all copies. I explicitly DO NOT grant the right to use any of the contents of this page for any commercial purposes whatsoever! I'm not making any money on this, so you shouldn't either!

It is my goal that these stories, along with my Web page and its contents, will forever be free for reading by anyone of legal age, anywhere in the Milky Way galaxy. However, permission may be requested for use of this material in other galaxies by writing the author and describing the place and purpose for such use.

This page is strictly for us 'grups', for those of us who remember the comic books and their limitations and who dare to go where the comics could not go. And for those of us who still have a fertile imagination, a love of fantasy, a sense of wonder and an appreciation for All The Myriad Ways... This Web's for you! (I bet that made you thirsty)

And lest I forget, my thanks to Warner/DC Comics and Marvel Comics for inspiring the kind of characters that you will read about on this page. While my characters differ greatly from their creations and I am attempting to make them non-infringing on their trademarks and intellectural properties, the spirit of the 'super femmes' that you read about in these pages would never have happened without their inspiration and without their sense of wonder. I only hope I can give a little bit of that back to the current writers of those books and to the mainline comics publishers in general.

Aurora Universe, Copyright 1995,1996,1997,1998



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