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Who is this guy?

I work at AppliedTheory Communications Inc as an applications programmer. I've also been deemed the local "Linux Mouthpiece." For more information about the company that I work for, check out the "official" AppliedTheory home page at

Local Resources

Linux Reviews and Articles

Linux is rapidly gaining acceptence in the business world as a stable, fully featured platform for mission critical applications. See what people are saying. This page is updated on a daily basis as I find articles.

The amazing SEG cam

Yes, you too can see what goes on in the hallowed halls. If you can see my face I'm using my web browser ( aka NT ) otherwise I'm getting useful things done on this machine.

Gnome Resources

This page contains information about local Gnome Resources. This includes an LXR tool and automatically generated ChangeLog information.


This page contains links to pages about the video4linux project including the mailing list archives for the video4linux mailing list.

Java Web Server information and patches for Linux

This page contains information and patches for running the Java Web Server from Sun using the Linux 1.1.3 JDK available from the Blackdown Site. This page is no longer being updated.


Netscape Component RPMS

Components for developing applications that use Netscape's source libraries. Packaged for your pleasure.

Xanim with more codecs

I know this isn't all open source software but thanks to patents, you can only get these in binary...

RPMS for debugging threads with Linux

RPMS that will allow you to debug programs that are compiled with LinuxThreads. These are built with patches from the Open Group Research Institute
Mozilla Source Mirror
This is a mirror of the Mozilla source code. This is updated four times a day.

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