Welcome! I'm Taj the genie, guardian of Timber's Island. You may have heard that the wicked, intergalactic racing champion, Wizpig, is causing trouble in our peaceful island home. Wizpig has worked his magic to take control of the strongest and fastest inhabitants, like Tricky and Bubbler, and given them the keys and amulets that lock the portals to his palace. Oh my! The only way to win these treasures is to defeat Wizpig's unwitting accomplices in a series of races. Of course, Wizpig and his new minions won't face just anyone -- no, they only want to race against the best. So my intrepid friends -- Diddy, Timber, Tiptup and the rest -- must race each other to earn the right to face Wizpig's lackeys. The one who wins all the races must then beat the big pig himself! Since racing just happens to be the favorite hobby of Timber and his friends, I don't believe that Wizpig has a chance!

Look around here. The different racers are sure to have their own tips on how they're planning to beat Wizpig!

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