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Map Author txt shots description Harry Heijnemans 00wang.txt 1 cool rocket, prison Juan Linares 1deeppit.txt 1 red, black & white;cool "wave" wall Sheri Sleyzak 911.txt 1 2 a spaceship lands at my apartment Marius Schmitz abysm.txt 1 2 new art including a collage of duke characters Mario alien.txt 1 duke- like atmosphere John Carto alienbas.txt 1 good tiles, lava and waterfalls Juan Linares amtrak.txt 1 2 great train theme, details Tom Kerr aneurism.txt 1 hop into a grave Jonathan C. Wu aracehos.txt 1 flames and heads swirl around you in mid air Vedran Jelenic assassin.txt 1 I like the little red and white house on hill Torsten Richter avenger.txt 1 This map got a perfect 10 at Gameleader ! Randall97 awesome.txt 1 But are there enough monsters ? MuTiLaToR_ ballpark.txt 1 a somewhat little baseball diamond Nicolas Ouellet bar.txt 1 new art, anime: animated girls and posters Torsten Richter battlech.txt 1 2 life size chess game ! Crista Forest boatmoat.txt 1 2 WB where you can drive boats and explore fortresses Painkiller brucelee.txt 1 exciting colors and scary thunder Maannxx buentaka.txt 1 Lo Wang's summer retreat Vedran Jelenic bulls2.txt 1 the Bulls stadium, you can go berserk in here ThOr camel.txt 1 2 variety of places, sounds Jens Baumann camp.doc 1 cool ship, rooms with floor designs Jens Baumann citylife.txt 1 parking garage theme Vedran Jelenic conflict.txt 1 optimized for 1 on 1 WB Yves Bresson coze.txt 1 2 the city sounds create the mood Guido - 1 2 lot's of special effects, esp. with letters & signs,also a giant pistol built outside Don Safer cv63.txt 1 map of the Kitty Hawk, a lot of work went into it(buggy though) Klaus Boesecke cwsingle.txt 1 single player version of City Wall

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Cool Quote : "Never in the history of gaming has there been more cool game stuff made by people who don't get paid to make it. Pick a modifiable game, and Joe P. Seestud down the street has done a map for it "

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