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Well it is fair to say the site is more or less rolling into the final stretch with the bulk of our labor of love complete. History is looking better than ever and new souls are telling their tales at a steady rate. Souls section has seen several expansions and we have the BGM for the selectable stages available in the Arena's section. Future is finally moving and we hope, now that we have more time, to keep it fresh on a regular basis. As requested Digital Calibur is full of .mpg files of your favorite katas both 1P versions and 2P versions.

A gain if you don't see Soul Calibur at your local arcade it is up to you to harass them. Namco America does not distribute the titles to the arcades. It is the choice of the arcade, not us when they decide which games to populate their store. If you live near a Namco location you can always let Namco Cybertainment know which titles you want to see in your local arcade.

The Excel move list coincides with the release of the moves on the site. The on-line versions are based on the Excel list so the list updates as often as the site. If you do not have Excel 97 you can get the Excel 97 viewer right here. This viewer works well and will even allow you to print the file.

There are even more shadows than before hidden in the Room of Shadows. Have fun trying to find them!


Soul Calibur
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