SPIE's International Symposium on Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation, 20-28 March 1998, Kona Surf Resort and Country Club, Kona, Hawaii USA

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Sponsored by
SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering

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European Southern Observatory

Jerry E. Nelson
University of California Observatories
Symposium Chair

James B. Breckinridge
Jet Propulsion Lab.
Deputy Symposium Chair

Important Note:

The dates of this meeting coincide with the spring break for many universities. Consequently, airline flights to Hawaii are expected to be heavily booked. Please make travel and accommodations arrangements as soon as possible.

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We are in a Golden Age for astronomy. Remarkable discoveries about the nature of our Universe appear almost daily in the media. Observations from all wavelength bands are clarifying the evolution of the Universe and the nature of its components. Planets discovered around other stars have prompted us to pursue further direct detection and study in the hopes of coming to grips with the origins of life itself.

Technological innovations have enabled the building of enormous telescopes and corresponding instruments for these telescopes that were impractical a decade ago. The impact of these advances will result in even more numerous discoveries about the Universe.

This SPIE symposium will give you an opportunity to explore many of these new technologies and innovative instruments. We will learn about the scientific capabilities of a new generation of telescopes and instruments, and innovative new ways to utilize them. Topics will span ground-based and space telescopes, and wavelength regions from the UV to the radio. High angular resolution techniques of adaptive optics and interferometry will be discussed at some length.

Tours of the summit of Mauna Kea will show two working 10-m telescopes and the Subaru and Gemini 8-m telescopes expected to be working in 1998.

You don't want to miss this meeting. Please come and share the exciting potential for scientific discovery created by these new and advancing technologies.

I hope to see you in Kona!

Jerry Nelson, Univ. of California Observatories, Univ. of California/Santa Cruz

Symposium Chair

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