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      [NEW] Repetitive element map of gbpri.seq (GenBank 105.0) (WARNING- large file, 3.5 MB compressed, 14 MB uncompressed, sample here)

       Genetic Information Research Institute (GIRI) is a private, non-profit institution founded in 1994. Our mission is to understand biological processes which alter the genetic makeup of different organisms, as a basis for potential gene therapy and genome engineering techniques.
       We pursue and promote original peer-reviewed, public domain research on genetic information (DNA sequence data), as well as dissemination of databases and computer software related to this research.
       Our research is heavily based on computer power and human skills different from those applied in classical molecular biology and genetics. As there are few established university departments devoted to this kind of research, the Institute is anticipating to play an active role in establishing computational biology as an independent field of research.

Paul Klonowski
Computer Systems Analyst