The Simon Wiesenthal Center proudly presents:

Accounts from Participants in Nanjing Massacre and Notorious Medical and Biological Weapons of Unit 731

WHEN:Sunday, August 16th
TIME:7:00 pm- 9:00pm CT (central time)

On August 16 the Simon Wiesenthal Center will host its first-ever live videoconference, linking Los Angeles and Tokyo, to present eyewitness testimony by former Japanese soldiers who participated in and witnessed atrocities during World War II in China and Manchuria against Chinese, American and other Allied prisoners of war. A Japanese activist and crusader on behalf of World War II 'Comfort Women' across Asia will also participate in the videoconference from Tokyo.

The conference will include a panel in Tokyo with eyewitnesses to the Nanjing massacre and the notorious medical and biological experiments of Unit 731; a former Japanese officer who trained recruits in the torture and beheading of innocent civilians, and other atrocities committed against them in China and Manchuria; and a former soldier who deposited typhus into the water supply in Manchuria.

This event will be broadcast live in both English and Japanese.

The trans-oceanic panel of experts will include:

Tokyo-based panel:

Los Angeles-based panel:

In addition to the above, a distinguished panel of Japanese, Chinese, and American historians are also scheduled to participate in the panel discussions.

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