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The Twin Dragon Story

At the time Lo Wang was delivered into the world, he was not alone. Lo Wang's mother was blessed with twin baby boys. Unfortunately, due to the fact that his mother was unwed, she gave them both up for adoption. Lo Wang’s new family was only able to afford to raise one child, therefore, his brother was adopted by another family. His brother, Hung Lo, was adopted and raised by the evil overlord Pu Tang.

Pu Tang was an evil man, and raised Hung Lo as a deciple of evil, and taught him about the dark side of Ninja fighting. Once Hung Lo reached maturity, Pu Tang died, but before his last breath, Pu Tang passed his evil soul into Hung Lo.

Hung Lo took control of the oriental underground, the undead, the spirits and demons who would perform the deeds for his evil ways. He had the power to someday control the world, and decided to infiltrate the key cities of the world to empower himself as the ultimate crime lord for his evil empire.

The only problem with Hung Lo's plan is the fact that Lo Wang shares a sense of extra sensory perception with Hung Lo, and they can sometimes read each others thoughts. Lo Wang knows of Hung Lo's evil plan, and Hung Lo knows that Lo Wang will stop at nothing to keep him from destroying the world.

Hung Lo must trick Lo Wang into a death trap to stop him before it's too late. Lo Wang must battle through thelevels of the evil fortress to stop the Twin Dragon, or die in the process.

The Levels

Home Sweet Home
City of Dispair
Emergency Room
Hide and Seek

Warehouse Madness
Military Weapons Research Center
Toxic Waste Facility
Silver Bullet

Fishing Village
Secret Garden
Hung Lo's Fortress
Prison Camp (secret level)
Hung Lo's Palace

Deathmatch Levels

The Ninja Training Camp
The Hospital Morgue/mortuary
Island Caves

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