I received your kind and welcome letters and was glad to hear from you after so long a time. Since I last wrote you I have left my situation where I was for three years past and have sold my share of sheep which counted 300 at 34$ pr head I have also got my Wool and sheepskins for sale in Buenos Aires for which I expect to get about 8.000$. Last year I made about 13.000$ clear money.

  I suppose you know that one thousand dollars amount to about 8 in English money. Sheep are very cheap and plentiful in this country. Thousands are sold at 30$ pr head. I have the pleasure to inform you that I have got 1.500 sheep on thirds from Messrs Samuel & Bo. I am now living in a house alone with my flock of sheep and it is rather lonesome but as soon as I receive my wool money I intend to get married. My intended wife is a Miss Victoria Smith, who is born in this country but of English parents and speaks very good English.

  I am glad to hear Aunt and Kate have paid you a visit and hope they are all well. Brother Harry has been pretty smart, I find, since he got married, and I wish him and family good luck. I think it is nearly time for me to have a Son or Daughter as my younger Brother and Sister are showing me an example.

  I compleated my 27th birthday on the 19th of Feby last. Pollie lives in hopes to see me before my next birthday but God knows what might happen before then.

  I have to inform you that my Master Mr A.Samuel leaves here today en route for London where he will remain untill November next and he will probably be bearer of this letter, so you may have a chance of seeing him in London. Hoping this will find you all well as, I am happy to say, it leaves me at presant I remain your Effectionate Brother

Willie X

This letter appears courtesy of Ruth Marler.

End of Letter

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