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nfo on the new album-you can get there through the bandmembers section, A link to one of the best pages I've ever seen in the links section, and last but not least lyrics!!! Sorry everybody...but I've been really busy lately, and haven't had much time to work on my page and e-mail. I'm not going to be replying to my mail for a while. sorry but it's been really hectic, and I just don't have time now.



Special Thanks......

Special thanks goes out to everyone who's ever mail anything to me eg. pictures, stories, info, etc, and to Jaap Kamminga my editor."because without you none of this would be possible".


In the hopes of being discovered by some art gallery in France, ( or Minneapolis, or really anywhere else) I've decided to put up a few drawings I've done. Feel free to take a look at 'em