UFO's Over Rockland!?

Apparantly a UFO was sighted over the resevoir late afternoon/early evening yesterday (Sunday, Mar. 17th). I got this message in my mail last night:

My parents saw a UFO yesterday at about 5:30 over the reservoir on their way back from Pearl River. They pulled over & got out to look at it - several other people did too. Can you post an inquiry to TZlink residents, or a request on the home page, for any other info on this? (They say it was approximately spherical, large -- maybe 15/20 ft in diam -- , with lights all over it and an antenna on top; it flew noiselessly alongside them for a while and then took off straight up. My parents are not people given to this kind of imagining.)

Now, I have alot of trouble with this when I see it on TV or in Star or Nat. Enquirer, but when it happens to real people, it's a little creepy. Did anyone else see anything? Can I get a witness?? Send e-mail to Me and I'll post it here. Meantime, here's something interesting, that got my attention:

Incident at Indian Point

Back in 1984, a big ol' UFO hovered over Indian Point, causing all kinds of problems. Damn.. why wasn't I there with my Hi-8!!!??
Part 1
Part 2