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December 4, 1998---MacPac II---

I downloaded the new MacPac software from Palm Computing's Web site. It is amazingly good. I especially am enjoying its shared menu which sports an easy interface for opening the new desktop software, a quick to do list, and a search engine for finding contacts. It seems really stable on my machine(a G3 MT 266 running Mac OS 8.5) and I plan on bringing it to my home workstation tonight.

Today is Bump's one year anniversary. I should do a contest or something. Perhaps at the end of the month.

I'm still a little under the weather. I think I will be fine by the end of the day.

December 3, 1998---Airport Germs---

It never fails with me. I travel and then I get sick.

I've been laid up the last couple of days with kind of sinus flu bug. Been able to play some video games, but not to get a lot of work done. Even small things like going to the store have exhausted me.

I'm back at work this morning, but I'm already tired from just driving in so I may have not made the best decision in coming in at all.

MacWEEK reports that there is a Mac OS 8.5.1 update coming out in December that fixes a bunch of bugs in Mac OS 8.5.

The reports of Bill Gates' testimony in the Java case mirror the experience that the Justice Department had with him in the anit-trust lawsuit. He is openly hostile at times, and can't seem to remember much about anything or to confirm the meanings of simple colloquial phrases.(Mercury News report ). Some genius.

Well I have to try and get some work done before I pass out.

November 30, 1998---Post-Thanksgiving Stress Syndrome---

I had a phenomenal Thanksgiving. I spent it with my family in Connecticut, and celebrated my younger brother's 21st birthday in the process. The reconciliation with my family gives me one more thing to be thankful for this year.

I have a lot to be thankful for. In saying so, I am not just giving lip service to the tradition. Every day I wonder how I got so lucky. I get to work at something I love. I have people who love me. It's fantastic.

Now I'm back at work.

My RIO PMP 300 arrived this morning. I won't be able to check it out until tonight, but expect a full writeup either then or tommorrow morning.

Rasterweb has a new Code section . Looks like I might find it useful. It reminds me that I want to add some of my Applescript and Frontier efforts to Bump.

I went with my three brothers, their girlfriends, and Kate to see Enemy of the State I thought it was really good, but not great. I still haven't seen A Bug's Life

November 24, 1998---AOL Buys Netscape---

I started out using Mosaic as my first browser. It was a few years ago, and I hardly remember those early days of using the net. I remember the change to Netscape only slightly, but I do remember each version change in those early days. We'd check Netscape's FTP server waiting for the new betas. Before I was doing the net as my full time gig. It was special. This marks the end of an era, and rather than resisting, I am going to choose to embrace the change.

Plenty of news coverage of the announcement already.

I wish them luck in this endeavor. There suddenly is a ten-ton gorilla on the Internet.

November 23, 1998---Shortness---

Update: An enterprising reader has pointed out to me that you can order the Episode 1 poster(single-sided) for less than $20 from the Official Star Wars fan club. They can be reached at 1.800.truefan. Thanks for the heads up Eric!!

It's a shortened week so I won't have too much time for updating, but I will try to get something up every day.

AOL-Netscape deal close is an SJ Mercury article on the impending acquisition of netscape by AOL and Sun Microsystems. Am I the only one who sees this as a bad idea? Partnering would be a good idea, but I'm convinced that this is akin to Pepsi owning Pizza Hut. Other ISP's aren't going to want to fund their competitor's expansion. The offshoot of it will be that Netscape's browser will lose marketshare.

They would have to fundamentally change their strategy because, right now, everything is leveraged off of that browser marketshare. Sun owning server software that runs on Windows NT might not be the best idea in the world either. I sonehow think that they will improve the Solaris version of Enterprise server before the NT version. As you can see, I am very skeptical of this deal. I'm not convinced that its a good thing for anyone in the long run.

I am addicted to eBay . I found the Episode One poster that I have been looking for there, as well as the Japanese Pokemon figurines that I have wanted since Nintendo was showing them off at E3.

November 20,

Those recent to Bump as readers may not be aware that the second domain I registered(and one that still leads to this site and my mailbox) is I am a Star Wars fiend, and proud of it.

Yesterday, I finally got to see the trailer for Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. I was blown away, and the if this is any indication of how good the movie will be, they will break the Titanic record.

I am now searching the Web for a copy of the poster . If you know where I can get one, please email me.

Salon Magazine is tracking the flood of trailer news, and is posting a list of places you can download the trailer off the Web.

My next redesign will include a Phantom Menace page and I will begin to track news from here on out.

more later.......

November 19, 1998---RIO---


Iconfactory has the details of their new icon creation tool, IconBuilder, posted along with a screenshot.

I am in the beginning stages of a new design for this site. new features will include more links to work I have done and a static posting of my resume. I want the site to be more photographically and graphically rich than it is now.

A very talented friend of mine, Mark Delfs, from Albany, NY where I used to live is holding a support drive to get Diammond Multimedia to build application software and an interface for its portable MP3 player, RIO , for the Mac. I already ordered a RIO, but I would love to have Mac software and connectivity for it. He also wrote an article on the subject named MP3 Wars: Blame it on Rio .

We are having our big Thanksgiving lunch at work today.

November 18, 1998---Windows on the World---

I'm wearing my brand new glasses. My first pair, and they feel good. I only have to wear them while I'm on the computer(which is very near all of the time), and I see things without any of the strain I had yesterday. Still, it's going to take a little while for me to get used to them.

Sun wins an injunction against Microsoft.(San Jose Mercury news story ) I don't know how I feel about this. If this means we will see Java move back towards being a platform independent programming language then I'm for it. I fear that Microsoft will withdraw its support of the technology, which would make the whole argument a mute point.

I can't believe how fast the weeks have been flying by recently. Seems like I blink and the week is half over.

I finished MedEvil, the Playstation game I was addicted to.

I got the new DJ Q-Bert album, Wave Twisters, and it is really good. He gets great sounds out the turntables, and samples some really strange and diverse things.

Also of note on the music front is Portishead, one of my all time favorites, and their new live album, PNYC. Really good quality live versions of a show at New York City's Roseland(where I've seen a ton of shows). They are backed by a full orchestra. If you aren't familiar, check it out.

I will update again in the early afternoon.

My diet continues. I have made my first goal, and continued three pounds past it. My second goal is still ten pounds away.

November 13, 1998---Transmeta---

Happy Friday the Thirteenth.

Top secret chip less secret now is a story about the details that are emerging about Transmeta. This company got a lot of press attention six months ago because of its secrecy(no one knows what they are working on) and the fact that they employee Linux creator Linus Torvalds. Looks like they are after Intel's market, and seem to have patented an Intel killer. Exciting stuff.

I think that the redesign is a little too jumbled and busy.

Intel is investing in Be. This is great news for Be afficianados(I have an original Bebox at home), and better news for Be itself. I hope they survive this jump to the next level. They have a great Operating System.

They've shipped the millionth consumer DVD video player.(Press Release) I wonder sometimes why they overlook the market penetration occurring in the computer space. I was watching Rollerball yesterday on my laptop while waiting at the doctor's office.

Lots of meetings today. I came in early to get ahead, and got nowhere.

I'm not sure that I dig the new Beck album. Very mellow. I would have to be in the right mood to get into it.

The Beastie Boys will be on Saturday Night Live 11/21/98 and The Chris Rock Show 11/24/98. Warm up the VCR.

Apple-Donuts has tons of new Sound sets for Mac OS 8.5 posted.

November 12, 1998---Hot Seat---

I'm learning more every day about what it's like to work for a company that is in the transition after being acquired by another company. It's very uncomfortable at times. It is also frustrating. I know that some of the people that I work with probably won't make it to the other side of the transition, maybe I won't. You never know I guess. They don't reveal all of their plans, and that makes it like walking around in the dark. There are rules that you don't know about. I'm actually enjoying watching it unfolding.

How an Apple Developer Thinks

Interesting Salon article that seems to compare Linux's emergence to the Reformation that split the Catholic and Protestant branches of Christianity. This is news?

RasterWeb points to Revelation Records on the Apple Computer site. This label released a ton of the records that mean a lot to me. I still listen to the Inside Out record that they released. Also the Into Another stuff(before they went to the major label) and the seminal Quicksand and Burn, Orange 9MM. Weird how life fits together at times.

November 11, 1998---Holidays---

I'm working on my Christmas list which is never easy for me. I want all this electronic stuff, but my tastes are a little expensive.

I tried to help a friend set up a small home Windows network over the last two days. He had purchased three new computers(including a 450Mhz Xeon based machine), and just wanted peer to peer sharing and printing. After two nights of trouble, we gave up for the time being. Very frustrating. It should be easy enough for a non-technical person with the right manuals to do. It's not.

Transit , my new favorite FTP tool for the Mac, has been updated to 1.1.1.

I've found at last two bugs in BBEdit 5.0 (and reported them) that are inconvenient to the way I work. I will revert to 4.5 until they are fixed.

Is There Such a Thing as a Software Monopoly?

Alien Skin Software released their new set of Photoshop plug-ins Xenofex . I played with the beta version of this. I thought that the visual effects it created were stunning. Is it useful? I'm not sure.

November 9, 1998---Yoot---

Yoot Tower is from the gentleman who developed Sim Tower. The programmer is a Mac fanatic. I ordered a copy.

I would love to hear opinions from anyone who has first hand experience with the Beetle .

My BBEdit 5.0 arrived via Fedex this morning. My first impression is that this is a real tuneup as far as the HTML authoring part of the application goes. Things are where I expect them to be. Commands have moved physically, but all of the keyboard strokes that I am fond of are the same.

In the past, it was a text editor that sort of lucked into being the best HTML authoring environment. This tuneup marks the start of a focus on the HTML authoring capabilities. I already can see that this is a must have $39 upgrade.

The week ahead is filled with nose down programming work. I look forward to weeks like this.

Always the interface junkie, I took advantage of the the theme archive at . My Fire Ant is sporting a Final Fantasy theme.

I am down more than 10 pounds in the diet. Although I did cheat a little over the weekend.

November 8, 1998---Bug Lust---

I've spent almost the entire weekend kicking the tires on the Gateway Fire Ant I recieved on Friday. So far, I'm impressed.

I also have spent a bunch of time this weekend contemplating the purchase of a new Beetle .

I've been experimenting with a variety of Windows software to meet my usage needs. I'm using HomeSite 4.0 to edit this site right now. It seems really good.(It's no BBEdit however)

Of the FTP programs I tried today, I've settled on AbsoluteFTP 1.5 .

It's strange for me to be making this subtle transition. I've been there at work for a while now, but at home there is a big difference.

I'm addicted to SONY's MediEvil PlayStation game. Great animation, entertaining characters, and well thought out game challenges are combining to suck up my leisure time en masse.

I don't think Kate is too pleased with the amount of time I have spent working on the computers this weekend.

I ended up needing reading glasses the other day. Yesterday I went and picked them out. I'm aging.

I moved the September and October content into the archives.

November 6, 1998---Arrival---

Afternoon Update: Fire Ant arrives and Bare Bones BBEdit 5.0 is released .

I have been tracking the Fire Ant's progress across the country. From Iowa to Kentucky to Tennessee and finally to Georgia last night. I am awaiting it this morning.

Sigerson, a really good Sherlock sets manager for Mac OS 8.5 that I've been using, has been updated to version 1.5. You can find it here .

If you are planing on traveling for Thanksgiving, and haven't made plans yet, you need to get it done today. I paid a little more than I'm accustomed to because I waited so long.

I'm definitely going to see The Waterboy tonight.

I have to pull some of the older content on this page today. If I am going to update almost daily, I still want the page to load pretty quickly.

November 4, 1998---EYES---

Here's an article in the San Jose Mercury News that describes Intel's "Concept PC." They are getting rid of ISA and adding USB and Firewire support while creating something that looks stylish, not boxy. Sounds a real lot like Apple's iMac with Firewire support added.

I'm going to get my eyes checked out this afternoon...

The "Smart Card" test that Citibank was doing in Manhattan is being closed down. Here's the New York Times story . Their failure was thinking they could get a valid test market in one neighborhood in New York City. They would be better off taking over an entire mid-sized town as a test case. That way everything in the town would accept the cards.

I've managed to open up an email conduit with a second of my three brothers. One more to go.

I've also been doing some work on the links page in keeping with my use of it as my home page. I will be changing the way it is laid out to allow for more links tonight.

I read a couple of issues of a magazine called the Silicon Alley Reporter . I really liked the magazine, kind of a right coast counterpart to The Industry Standard . The Web site sucks. No content at all. No online content, and this is supposed to be a digital culture/Web industry magazine? Very dissapointing.

Still waiting on that Fire Ant .

Apple should consider the proposal outlined by MacKiDo in this October 14th editorial piece . Put the the best GUI on top of the most powerful OS and in theory you have the best possible combination. Apple, however, is even more of an antithesis to the Open Source world than Microsoft is. At least the hardware is open in the Intel world. I think that this combination, if done well, could really be a viable alternative to Windows 2000.

November 3, 1998---Diet---

Well I have reached the one week point in my dieting, and I have managed a total weight loss to date of six pounds. My body fat has also dropped by 2%.

There is a very well done review of Linux PPC, "Linux for Macintosh" posted on the About This Particular Macintosh site.

I really hope that Microsoft doesn't find some legal loophole to dodge the bullet of this antitrust suit. It's not that I hate Microsoft, far from it, but I think, based on the information that is available to me, that they are guilty of these offenses. Despite Bill's convenient memory in his testimony , it seems there is plenty of evidence provided by computers that proves the point. I just wonder what a fitting punishment would be. Fining them isn't going to solve anything, and splitting them up would be an incredibly complex and not worthwhile measure. The bottom line is that they have been rewarded financially for business practices that can only have a negative effect on the software industry in general.

The Halloween Memo only further proves the point that this behavior by Microsoft will not stop. They will continue to embrace and extend, not because they have better technology(although some of it is quite good) but because they have the arsenal to back up their combative tactics.

I paid to become a member of Salon. While I know that I could read all of the articles for free, I really enjoy them. Also they give you a cool t-shirt and a bunch of other stuff when you join.

November 2, 1998---DJ Q-Bert---


I bought a DJ Q-Bert import record called "a preskool breakmix" a couple of weeks ago when I was in New York. Somehow I forgot to listen to it and it got eaten by the mess of paper, Zip cartridges, and Cd's on my desk. I finally listened to it this morning after stumbling across it. Amazing stuff.

We went to see Pleasantville over the weekend. I liked it, but I thought at the same time that it was predictable, and tame.

I have a ton of work that needs to get done this week. I'm trying to grind through it like a buzzsaw this morning.

I'm now using the previously mentioned Transit ftp software almost full time. The things I didn't like in the first version are gone.

I finally figured out what the issue with my system at home and crashing was. When I use Netscape Navigator 4.0.7 instead of Communicator 4.5, the problem goes away. I will attempt to figure out if this is a conflict with another application or something system related.

The Spy Who Shagged Me

November 1, 1998---Shortness---

I'm humming along through this Halloween weekend. I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Halloween celebration. These weekends can never seem to be long enough. I am constantly frustrated by a lack of time to work on the things I want to.

Yesterday, I went to the third round of the PGA Championship. While I am not the biggest golf fan(the tickets were free). It was amazing to see what these guys can do. I got to see Tiger Woods, Vigay Singh, Davis Love III, and most of the others shoot.

I'm working today on a re-design of a site for work. Hopefully, I can turn out something respectable in about a week. Of all of the facets of Web development, I really need to work on my graphic design the most.

Playing with the recently updated FTP client Transit from Panic Software . It seems to have decent scripting support. Suprisingly, their Web pages don't seem to mention this.

I have developed a strong interest in character animation. This is in part due to my visit to the Disney Institute two weekends ago. It also has to do with my addiction to video games.

Got Pokemon?

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