The Death of Kinslayer
The Slopes of Dragonmount
Tar Valon
Waygate at Manetheren
The Power to Break the World
Shayol Ghul
The Bowl of Winds
The Seals are Breaking
The Valley of Rhuidean
The White Tower


Thom Merrilin
Mat Cauthon
The Car'a'carn
Birgitte Silverbow
Mat meets Melindrha
Tar Valon (Prelim. Sketch)


All artwork on this page is ©1996-1998, Rob Christianson. Feel free to spread this artwork around, and go ahead and use it on your WOT pages if you like. After having my art used without permission by a few people, I wasn't letting people use my art. Since then, I've changed my mind. The only thing I ask is that you let me know the URL of the website you use it on, so I can take a peek and make a link to your page. Thanks! =)


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