Level Infinity - Twin Dragon

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Twin Dragon Credits

Executive Producer - Robert E. Waring

Level Design -
Home Sweet Home (
Neil Munday)
City of Dispair (
Cho Yan "Tempest" Wong)
Emergency Room (
Jim "Ironman" Semkiw)
Hide and Seek (
Nick "Zarzoo" Parde)

Warehouse Madness (Nick "Zarzoo" Parde)
Military Weapons Research Center (
Eric Boltjes)
Toxic Waste Facility (
Ryan "Tagg" Isenberg)
Silver Bullet (
Krystian "Blade" Palys)

Fishing Village (Crista "CDWarrior" Forest)
Secret Garden (
Cho Yan "Tempest" Wong)
Hung Lo's Fortress (
Alan Bellows)
Prison Camp (secret level) (
Ty Matthews)
Hung Lo's Palace (
Ryan "Tagg" Isenberg)

Deathmatch Levels

The Ninja Training Camp (Matt "MattCake" Harris)
The Hospital Morgue/mortuary (
Neil Munday)
Island Caves (
Nick "Zarzoo" Parde)

SoundFX - Simon Castles
Art -
Crista "CDWarrior" Forest, Kevin "Gruntbuglie" McLernon
Additional Art - (
Cho Yan "Tempest" Wong, Matt "MattCake" Harris)
Programming -
Matt "MattCake" Harris
Beta Testing -
Dick Svendsen, Bill Lovan, Rob Brown

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