Imperial College -
University Challenge Winners 1996

Media Reports and Assorted Pictures

My impression of the matches ....

Round One: St. Andrews 125 Imperial 205

A nervous start, after getting the opening question we dropped away, a tightly fought battle in the middle allowed us to open a lead that we managed to defend. Probably harder than it should have been, possibly our most dangerous match of the whole competition!

See what the IC Reporter (IC's staff newspaper) had to say.

Round Two: Lancaster 140 Imperial 290

Lancaster were a strong team and after our first round performance we were slightly fearful, we had had several months to mull over the first round match and lessons had been learnt. Quickly becoming a trademark strategy we raced to a lead only to hit the midway doldrums and then hold on into the finale. Probably a harder match than the scoreline shows.

(IC Reporter mentions us again)

Quarter-Final: Exeter 70 Imperial 325

A true hammering in any sense of the word, I would probably thank the several pints of Dogbolter in Manchester's Firkin. (So if anyone from that organisation would like to contact me about a potential endorsement deal .... :-)

Semi-Final: Warwick 230 Imperial 300

A storming performance by the lad Bradshaw (thanks to the drugs for the stiff neck, no doubt :-) we came through despite (yet again) falling asleep in the third quarter. Praise to Dominic Witheroe, the Warwick University captain for the inspired debut of the Young Ones' Toxteth O'Grady in the real programme. "Good Work Fella!" (Rumour has it that that settled a sweepstake in the gallery - he certainly cost me some beers that I'd been bet.)

The Final: LSE 220 Imperial 275

The recording was done in two stages, the first round in June and the remainder in one go at the end of October, so the final was both teams' fourth game in three days (although it may have been four days for the LSE). All eight of us were exhausted but somehow the final managed some entertainment, once again the lad Bradshaw came up trumps and we pushed out for a healthy lead, before falling asleep and allowing the LSE to claw some of the lead back. A few flutters in the closing minutes but we held on.

Yours truly weighed in with a couple, including a crucial one which, had it gone against us, might have closed the door, I managed to get hold of the question card

The Team

Jim Totty Nick Bradshaw Mark Pallen
Chris Harrison
PhD student,
Maths & Physics
PhD student,
Elec. Eng
PhD student,
PhD student,
Reserve: Eu-Jin Ang, PhD student, Elec. Eng. (Not shown)

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Chris Harrison