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Jesus Christ is PETA's new "spokesman"
The People for Ethical Treatment of Animals group is touting Christ as a politically correct eater, but columnist Bill Citara is skeptical. Reared a Catholic, the SF Examiner scribe writes: "I must admit I find the whole idea vaguely insulting, making God's only begotten son out to be some sort of wandering nut cake with too much time on his hands."

USDA meat inspector cuts finger; wants $200,000
She was checking out pork innards and entrails on a fast-moving production line when she suffered the cut. The finger was not severed -- and the meat plant passed its inspection. She still wants compensation, though.

Mourning Sinatra Society to celebrate Frank's 83rd
Many of them can barely crawl out of bed since the death of "Ol' Blue Eyes," but the 125 members of the Sinatra Social Society will try to get to a New Jersey Travelodge to celebrate Frank's birthday. The press won't be allowed to interview the broken-up Society prez about Frank's death, says a spokesman. "It's just too upsetting to her."

Lawyer held "hostage" for not paying 18% tip
The New York lawyer refused to pay the required amount because the eatery put him in two booths and he couldn't do business with that seating. He deducted a $353 tip that had been added to the credit card slip at Angelo's and Maxie's, and that's when the fireworks began. "They created this tremendous scene," the attorney tells PAGE SIX.

Kansas City Star TV critic Aaron Barnhart notes this about the PAGE SIX column today: "I see them making a fuss over whether it's 'Rick' or 'Ricky Schroeder.' Maybe they should've paid more attention to whether it's 'Schroeder' -- not -- or Schroder."

Reporters banned from Bezos "Fireside Chat"
The founder spoke to an audience of money managers at a technology conference on Thursday. The press wasn't welcome, but SF Chronicle columnist Mark Veverka got some spies to report what was said; there were no Jeff Bezos bombshells -- like word that he's stopped telling the press he makes his own office furniture.

Teacher sues after school won't let her teach Starr Report
The Tampa teacher says she should be able to use the taxpayer-financed report in her government class, but the district says it's too explicit for teens. The woman, a 25-year teaching veteran, told parents their children could be dismissed from the discussions, but none chose that option. Still, her bosses protested.

Rev. Fred ("God Hates Fags") Phelps travels to Texas to protest apology
He's upset because Texas A & M officials made football player Dan Campbell apologize for saying, "I'm glad to go to a school where men like women and women like men." Phelps' Baptist Church issued a press release saying, "Kansas State should have no trouble beating a fag Aggie team,cowed by the Texas A&M; fag student body into abject silence."

After 15 year study, prof figures out how to pour tea without spilling
The applied math professor's no-spill formula runs 20 pages long, but he says it can be boiled down into four steps. The British Department of Trade and Industry says all tea-lovers owe Jean-Marc Vanden-Broeck a big thanks.

Ex-Chicago Bear headed to court over radio slurs
Keith Van Horne's four-year $5 million pursuit of a Chicago radio personality is going to court. Van Horne, ex-hubby of Eleanor Mondale, is angry that the jock called him "psychotic," "nuts," and "a Charles Manson who works out."

LINDA TRIPP RESURFACES: Just after a tabloid reported that Tripp hasn't had sex in seven years (was that in a Starr Report footnote?), the Clinton-hating "celeb" is leaving her home to see a man. Actually, it's just FBI-agent-turned-author Gary Aldrich. She'll attend his book-signing.

Jim Barksdale ready to tackle society's problems
The Netscape boss tells columnist Dan Gillmor that he'll get out of the tech industry ("I don't need any more money") and do good deeds from his new home in Mississippi.


  • Coach boots prep wrestler for his Mohawk
  • Lawyer faces suspension for "rope trick" hijinks
  • "Y2K Hippies" say the bug could be beautiful
  • He's the man Bill Gates should fear

    Liz Smith's brother killed in crash
    James McCall Smith, 80, was on his way to a Baptist prayer meeting in Texas when a truck blindsided him, killing him almost instantly. The New York gossip columnist writes a nice tribute to her brother.

    Mike Barnicle lands a sports gig
    The Boston Globe's fallen columnist has resurfaced in ESPN Magazine, profiling New York Jets coach (and "tough-nut-to-crack") Bill Parcells.

    Fox News chief defends obsessive Clinton coverage
    ''It isn't every day you get a president with a semen-stained dress,'' pleads Roger Ailes, who runs news on the Murdoch network with the disingenuous slogan, ''We report. You decide.''


  • Writer: I got jerked around by Salon Magazine
  • NBC'S Applegate beats Roker in anchor race
  • Sean (Puffy) Combs buys Notorious magazine

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