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J.D. Edwards Doubles Profits This Year
Business By Paul on Friday December 04, @02:06PM
That's fast growing.

For the second quarter in a row, applications up-and-comer J.D. Edwards beat the street. It's definitely the one doing the best in it's market, in my opinion, and a huge contrast with competitor Baan. Despite these astounding positive results, though, CFO Rick Allen quickly shot himself in the foot: his statement that these growth levels (44% revenue growth this year) can not be sustained sent the stock plummetting. Last I checked, the stock value was down over 20%. Oh well. Read about J.D. Edwards' $75M profits at News.com and at Techweb Finance.
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Luminate Timepiece For SAP to be Free
Tools By Paul on Thursday December 03, @03:24PM
Luminate decides to give away performance tool.

Luminate has decided to give away its Timepiece performance monitoring software for SAP. Competing products cost about $10,000, but it's clear that this giveaway is essentially a way "in the door" for Luminate, giving them access to a client list that may wish to acquire the entire Luminate suite. Still, free is free, so why not take a look? Find out all about it at News.com.
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EEC and the Y2K
Year 2000 By Paul on Thursday December 03, @03:21PM
The Commission releases a progress report.

The EEC is concerned about how rapidly member countries are adapting their infrastructure systems to Y2K compliance. Press reactions to the report range from "sounding the alarm" here at Computerworld to just "feeling the pressure" here at Techserver. The long and short of it is that even though much effort has been expended to resolving the problem, the EEC is still deeply concerned about infrastructure such as power, transportation and telecommunications availability after the year 2000.
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Unix Vs. NT, Security Hole Plugged
Security By Paul on Wednesday December 02, @08:54AM
Named Pipes over RPC.

Microsoft released a patch to NT 4 today, plugging the "Named Pipes over RPC" bug. This wasn't a huge one, denial of service only, but it's still nice to see Microsoft plugging them up. That story at Infoworld. On a related note, D.H. Brown and Associates released a study today comparing server operating systems. They compared Digital Unix, Solaris, Irix, AIX, HP-UX and NT. AIX won the battle, HP-UX fared worse than any other UNIX, but NT lost altogether. Far be it from me to bash NT, you can get your fill of that in this News.com coverage.
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Apple Ships WebObjects 4
Tools By Paul on Monday November 30, @05:21PM
Still no Macintosh support.

Apple Enterprise has shipped release 4 of it's popular WebObjects application server software. WebObjects, considered one of the very best app servers on the market, is one of the key technologies Apple acquired along with Steve Jobs when they bought NeXT in late 1996. One interesting fact to note, however: WebObjects will run on Windows NT and UNIX platforms, but it won't run on a Mac just yet. We'll have to wait for Mac OS X Server to ship in 1999 for that to happen. Read all about it at News.com.

Transitioning Away From Y2K
Year 2000 By Paul on Monday November 30, @05:14PM
What to do when the work is gone?

I suppose the consulting industry is enjoying a bit of a boom these days because of the sheer amount of work required to prepare for the Y2K problem. But some are already thinking about the post-Y2K shakeup that's going to happen when some of that work dries up and transitions back to traditional development and maintenance as opposed to Y2K fixing and implementations. This is similar to the pundit suggestion that the 3rd party apps market will dry up come the new millenium. Read the story at News.com and let us know what you think.

New Whitehouse E-Commerce Plan Published
Politics By Paul on Monday November 30, @05:09PM
Call for protection for Internet buyers.

The Whitehouse has unveiled a new E-commerce plan today. It details initiatives to protect consumers who purchase items over the Internet. Lots of coverage for this one, try The Industry Standard, Infoworld or PC World.
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Andersen to Offer J.D. Edwards Hosted Apps
Tools By Paul on Monday November 30, @05:07PM
Outsourced financial processes.

Arthur Andersen Process Solutions, Andersen's outsourcing division, has signed a deal with J.D. Edwards to provide hosted applications services for J.D. Edwards OneWorld software. This is in-line with the Peoplesoft and Siemens deal and Oracle's own Business Online. Read all about it at Infoworld.
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Lying About Y2K Readiness
Year 2000 By Paul on Friday November 27, @10:26AM
Pentagon officials admit to falsifying readiness reports.

Pentagon officials have admitted to falsifying Y2K readiness reports. Although they do not have a complete inventory of systems to be repaired, they still appear confident that they're going to be on top of it by April, 1999. The scariest part of this is that the agency in question is the Defense Special Weapons Agency (DSWA), and you know it, they're the ones with the nuclear arsenal. Scary as this may be, I suspect it's rampant in our industry to falsify Y2K readiness statements. Read the story at USA Today.


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