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  • Commodore Perry and the Opening of Japan

    Part of a historical essay on American expansion into the Pacific, describes Commodore Perry's voyage, arrival, and its effects.

  • Museum Meiji-Mura

    An open-air museum for preserving and exhibiting Japanese architecture of the Meiji period (1868-1912).

  • Japanese art and Western Influence

    Examines Japanese arts and crafts made under the influence of the west.

  • The Johnson family albums of Nagasaki

    Photographic images taken about 1900 by an American missionary family.

  • Music Education in Japan, 1868-1944

    Extensive discussion of the beginning of Japanese music education during the Meiji period. Also covers a great deal of information on Japanese education in general.

  • Asiatic Society lecture on The Iwakura Mission of 1873

    This mission was the last, most important, and largest of all the Japanese missions sent to Western countries between the end of the Edo Period and the beginning of the Meiji Era.

    The graphic image on this page is a Ukiyo-e print from the Edo no Iki gallery created by Hans Olof Johansson. Many thanks to Mr. Johansson for his gracious permission of its use on this site.

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