Creatures 2 Newsletter 1.

Firstly, many thanks to all those people who registered to receive information about Creatures 2, delivered directly to their mailbox. This is the first newsletter, and we had many useful comments from you all.

Since so many of your requests for features in Creatures 2 are already implemented, we've decided to take a few of the comments and explain what we’ve actually done in the product. Over the next month, you’ll learn about the Ettins, the new Grendels and see parts of Albia that no-one has ever seen before!

Mari from Sweden and Dana and Brandon from USA – "A larger Albia, please!"

The Albia in Creatures 2 is twice the size of the original Creatures world, and it is all completely new – so an entirely new world to explore.

Alex from Germany – "A more realistic simulation of life"

Creatures 2 has a complete working eco-system, with plants that actually grow, seed and pass on information to the next generation of plants. As well as implementing the food-chain, the Norns in Creatures 2 have all sorts of new technology inside them – ranging from Organs such as the heart, lungs and kidneys to far more powerful brains and much more detailed biochemistry.

Lis and Sunny from USA – "More variations of Norns, more species"

Creatures 2 introduces two new species, a new Grendel, and the Ettin. All the Norns are new, and now support tails as well as 120 possible facial expressions made up of many different base types - viewable from all angles now! If you can find the genetic splicer machine, you can even create your own cross-breeds from these animals!

Paul, USA – "Day and Night in Albia"

Although not visually displayed, Creatures 2 does have a day and night cycle. This allows bats to come out at night, and plants to open their flowers at dawn. It also gets much colder at night!

In the next Creatures 2 newsletter, we'll talk about such things as the weather, gravity and plants and animals in Creatures 2.  If you would like to be notified by email each time we publish a Creatures 2 newsletter, then please fill in the Creatures 2 information request form.

Creatures 2

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