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SCO Forum's Legendary Social Events

When you need time to relax between the sessions and keynotes, there are many social activities for you to attend. SCO Forum98 features a variety of events designed to take advantage of Santa Cruz's beautiful summer climate. They include a tasting of fine local wines, sponsored by Computerworld, foot races sponsored by Chase Research, barbecues, and a train ride through the forested Santa Cruz mountains on a 100 year-old steam powered locomotive.

Forum opens with a celebration at the Cocoanut Grove, featuring Big Bang Beat, sponsored by IBM.

Monday night will feature a very special concert by Roger McGuinn, founder of the Byrds, author of "Eight Miles High," and possibly the greatest 12-string guitar player in the world.

The annual centerpiece of Forum fun is the Dance and Barbecue on Tuesday night, where you'll see return performances by three legendary rock bands -- The Kingsmen, The Surfaris, and Jan and Dean, presented by Compaq.

The main SCO Forum98 conference agenda will close on Wednesday evening with a "Farewell" reception featuring the famous Santa Cruz jazz troupe, Warmth.