Creation by Atum

From Papyrus Bremner-Rhind, text 9.

Translated by J. P. Allen, Genesis in Egypt:  The Philosophy of Ancient Egyptian Creation Accounts (New Haven: Yale Egyptological Seminar, 1988), pp. 28-29.

Scroll of knowing the development of the Sun and of Overthrowing Apophis.
Recitation of the Lord to the Limit, which he spoke after he developed:
For my part, the fact is that I developed as Developer.
When I developed, development developed.

All development developed after I developed,
developments becoming many in emerging from my mouth,
without the sky having developed,
without the earth having developed,
without the ground or snakes having been created in that place.

It was out of the Waters, out of inertness, that I became tied together in them,
without having found a place in which I could stand.

I became effective in my heart,
I surveyed with my face.

I made every form alone,
without having sneezed Shu,
without having spat Tefnut,
without another having developed and acted with me.

When I surveyed in my heart by myself,
the developments of developments became many,
in the developments of children
and in the developments of their children.

For my part, the fact is that I acted as husband with my fist,
I copulated with my hand,
I let fall from my month by myself,
I sneezed Shu and spit Tefnut.

It is my father, the Waters, that tended them,
with my eye after them since the time they became apart from me.

After I developed as one god,
that was three gods with respect to me.

When I developed into this world,
Shu and Tefnut grew excited in the inert waters in which they were,
and brought me my eye after them.
. . . . . . .

Then Shu and Tefnut gave birth to Geb and Nut.
Then Geb and Nut gave birth to Osiris, Horus the Two-Eyed, Seth, Isis and Nephtilys,
from one womb, one after the other,
and they gave birth to their multitude in this world.