_ The Furcadia Story _

1. "Hi, my name is Mikee. Maybe it's hard to believe,
but I know how to go to another world!

2. "One night I had a dream. There was a big mirror..."

3. "...and this little dragon appeared. He said his name was Beekin the Help Dragon."

4. "And then, as I looked into the mirror, I started to change!"

5. "My clothes got very colorful. But that's not all --"

6. "My ears grew, and then I noticed I was fuzzy, and I had a tail!"

7. "Beekin explained that to enter the Mirror of Yezaad, you have to
become a `Furre'. Not everybody remembers the
waking world while they're in
Furcadia, but Beekin makes sure they get back."

8. "He also teaches you how to make your own new places!
I dreamt of a village and I named it Meovanni. There were giant
birds and we played soccer and I met a famous
Weasel named Jerone ti'Kavillaur and--
and-- "

9. "Well, now I've told you about Furcadia; go and see it
for yourself. It's easy. And remember what Talzhemir always
tells me: Don't worry, be furry."

10. "Good Dreaming!"