Over the past two years "Bert is Evil!" has been the highest hitting part of fractalcow.com. We have received tons of mail both negative and positive. We have been featured in other websites, radio shows, tv shows, and newspapers the world over. We received countless awards including the Webby Award for Weirdest site of 1998. The support from all of you has been tremendous, thank you. All this exposure has generated so many hits that we can no longer afford to keep the site up. Simplenet.net the server fractalcow.com is sitting on is now charging us $200 a month to keep the site up instead of $20. They say this is due to the fact that we are using their resources too much. "Bert is Evil!" alone generates an average of 8000 hits a day. Simplenet.net can no longer host "Bert is Evil!" at the low cost plan we have maintained for close to 3 years. So fractalcow.com has to bid farewell to Bert. From now on "Bert is Evil!" will be sitting on mirror servers. Since we put up the site for adoption we have recieved over 60 mirror sites.Thanks you so much for all the support. To the other people who have offered mirrors, I'll put up your links later, we seem to have enough but feel free to list them on search engines as a registered "Bert is Evil!" mirror.

Dino Ignacio

ps. all mirror sites are copies my original website, if any say otherwise please inform me so I can take proper action

BERT is Evil!

The Mirrors

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the zip file can be found here
bertisevil.zip or here bertisevil.zip[1.4 mb]

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