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From time to time, the PC Leader or an individual member of the Progressive Conservative Caucus issues a press release to the media. To read recent releases, click on your choice.

Government Misleading Public on Y2K Dec 04/98 Gordon Balser
Working To Get Correctional Training Centre Dec 03/98 Murray Scott
Grits Refuse To Move Seniors' Legislation Nov 30/98 Murray Scott
Smith Still Shirking Justice Minister Duties Nov 27/98 Murray Scott
Increased Metro Housing Allowance Rates Nov 27/98 Jamie Muir
Stricter Drunk Driving Measures Needed Nov 19/98 John Hamm
Bills Seek Fairness, Break for Seniors Oct 30/98 Murray Scott
Grits Must Speed Up Completion of Hwy. 101 Oct 30/98 Gordon Balser
Libs Kill PC Bill to Opt Out of Gun Registry Oct 30/98 Murray Scott
Bill Seeks Interest Arbitration for Police Oct 29/98 Michael Baker

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