The GLINT Gamma is a high-performance processor that accelerates the complete 3D geometry pipeline, including transforms, lighting, clipping and setup processing. By performing floating-point geometry in dedicated silicon, the GLINT Gamma offers significant acceleration to professional 3D applications such as OpenGL-based CAD and animation software.

GLINT Gamma complements the Pentium processor by providing 2 Gflop (2,000 MFlops) of floating point power dedicated to 3D processing, thereby freeing the host CPU to service the demands of the application. GLINT Gamma performance is further enhanced by making use of Intel's AGP bus to achieve optimal communication from the CPU.

This breakthrough technology complements 3Dlabs' existing and future rasterization devices and is compatible with the award-winning GLINT 500TX and GLINT MX processors, enabling 3Dlabs' board and system vendors to further extend their range of professional 3D solutions.

GLINT Gamma Features and Benefits

  • Dedicated Geometry Acceleration
    - 2 Gflop (2,000 Mflops)
    - 6.6M out-of-view meshed triangles-per-second
    - 4.3M backface culled meshed triangles-per-second
    - 2.6M in view meshed triangles-per-second
    - Doubles OpenGL Viewperf CDRS03 performance
  • PCI and Intel's AGP bus-compatible
  • Optimized reference software drivers
    - OpenGL ICD for Windows NT
    - Windows NT
  • Pin-compatible with GLINT Delta
  • Glueless compatibility with GLINT
    - GLINT 500TX and GLINT MX
  • Technical Characteristics
    - OpenGL begin/End paradigm
    - Full geometry transform processing
    - Texture coordinate generation
    - Fog calculations
    - Clipping and culling
    - Full lighting calculations for 16 lights


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