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    Story 1
    Welcome to the Official
    Carmen Sandiego Web Site!

    Carmen Sandiego, the infamous international thief, has expanded her criminal capers beyond geography--to include new targets like history, language arts, and math! In response, the ACME Detective Agency has established this Internet site to assist young game-players in their efforts to capture Carmen, and to inform parents about the full range of Carmen Sandiego products. Enjoy!

Story 2
Time-travel adventures bring history to life! Learn about historic events, personalities, and achievements by embarking on 18 historic adventure games where you'll meet over 50 fascinating figures--from Christopher Columbus and Leonardo da Vinci to Queen Elizabeth and Thomas Jefferson.

Story 3
The power of speech is at stake! Become a well-versed Word Detective as you chase Carmen Sandiego through this all-in-one grammar, spelling, and vocabulary adventure. Embark on a dozen dangerous missions, uncover clues in Carmen's mysterious hideouts and solve more than 60 grammar, spelling, and vocabulary activities.

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