PCV Brooks

April Brooks, one of MS 88's English teachers, is in Slovakia serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer. We will be in touch with Ms. Brooks by email and regular mail.

Ms. Brooks will be writing a series a letters to the students here at MS 88 describing her experiences in Slovakia. She is anxious to answer questions. On our end, we will provide information about Slovakia, and point to other sources as we discover them, and will provide information about life in the US for Ms. Brooks's Slovakian students.


Letter #1
An introduction to Ms. Brooks and Peace Corps.
Letter #2
Some questions answered.

From Slovakia, to Slovakia

1997 - 1998
Essays from Slovakia
  • These essays were written by Ms. Brooks's students as part of their English language studies.
Slovak Schools By Lucia S., Veronika, Jozef and Ivana.
Nice Places of Slovakia By Kristin, Zuzana and Palo.
Gardens in Slovakia By Silvia, Diliana, Gabriela and Alexandra
Slovak Grape Harvest By Lenka, Sona, Lucia M. and Dusan.
1996 - 1997
From #1
Some getting acquainted questions.
To #1
Class 7a
From #2
Class 7b
From #3
From 7
Easter Traditions and Springtime in Slovakia
Student essays from Slovakia.
A Postcard from Slovakia
Spisske Podhradie


Set #1
Received January 1997.


Time Zones
What time is it in Slovakia?

Links to Slovakia and the Peace Corps

Welcome to Slovakia
Slovakia's home page.
The home page of the town where Ms. Brooks is stationed. Includes a photo section containing pictures of Levice.
Peace Corps
The Peace Corps's home page and the starting point for a lot of information about other countries. This page has information about Slovakia and the Peace Corps in Slovakia:

February 15, 1998

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