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Acknowledgements to:
US Game show page by Chris Lambert (Chri$ L!),
Braingames by Gary Stephens - superb resource with full details of participation. Recommended.
Knightmare page by Johnny Burkhart, which is an improving page for a superb show,
Wanted is a Channel Four show which makes me jump up and down with happiness,
Going For Gold page by John Coulthard in Bath,
Gladnet which is Peter Langford's essential Gladiators resource,
The Adventure Game information by Ian Collier and a superb revue by Dave Weeks,
Imperial College - University Challenge Winners 1996 by Chris Harrison,
Whose Line is it Anyway? page by Troy N. Diggs and
the BBC's general entertainment pages. If they put out any game show info, it'll be here!

The reference to the Countdown page by Matt Chapman has been deleted; the page was removed because Yorkshire Television insisted on it. It is greatly missed.

Programme details:
Chris Compares:

Chris Compares articles feature the author's personal opinion on certain UK game shows, and should be taken light-heartedly.
1995 UK Game Show Quiz
1996 Basic level Quiz
1996 Hardcore Quiz

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Miscellaneous documents:
Nostalgia Department: Knock Your Block Off!
An overall review of Game Shows in 1995
Let Fil Brown tell you all about Gunge in the UK, or suffer the consequences...
Lots of general British TV links at Kevin Brayton's British Television Network!
Game Show Convention #Euro 1 took place in September '95 - the convention report is available.
Snapshot of game shows in the UK in June 1996.
UK Game Show Theme Tune Lyrics
I helped to call for contestants on Whittle - if you miss the old advert at the top of the page, here it is!

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