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30 Nov 1998

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PySol is a solitaire card game. Its features include support for 16 different games, very nice look and feel, unlimited undo & redo, load & save games, player statistics, hint system, demo games, support for user written plug-ins, integrated HTML help browser, and it's free Open Source software.

As PySol is written in 100% pure Python and uses the portable Tkinter framework it runs unmodified under Unix (X11), Windows 95/98/NT and Macintosh.


Installation instructions

Which games are supported ? <new>


Read a review of PySol in issue 33 of the Linux Gazette <new>

Rate PySol in the Linux Game Tome <new>


Download PySol as tar.gz file (242 kB) or zip file (323 kB).

In order to simplify installation PySol is distributed in a "bundled" version. If you want to extend PySol or otherwise hack it around you should also download the developers source code (52 kB).

What's new ?

Recent changes include


Here you can see PySol in action (X11). Click to enlarge.

PySol screenshot

PySol screenshot

PySol screenshot

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