Hessian Studies

Welcome to our resource for all metalheads, stoners, Hessians, thrashers, hardrockers, ragers, metallions, ranters, headbangers, and other nihilistic fringe-dwellers of the uncharted land beyond the herd. You will find political resources for understanding and promoting your lifestyle within the confines of this site, but the changes to which you be inspired can have farther-reaching applications.

Hessian studies is academic analysis of the international subculture of alienated heavy metal listeners and followers of intense music and noise of destruction. Our vision includes tolerance for all people and the right to individual autonomous direction and an end to compulsion and normative behavior.

Hessian Cultural Library Hessian resources and F.A.Q.s archived for academic studies.
Metal F.A.Q. FAQ for metal music, including section on USENET groups
United Hessian Front Political think tank of the worldwide cult of headbangers.
About the Hessian Studies Center Introduction and reference materials from the HSC.

Since its inception in 1994, the Hessian Studies Center has supported the international metal subculture through collection, analysis, and dissemination of the music and philosophy of thrashers, metallions, headbangers, metalheads, Hessians, longhairs, cruisers, piledrivers and others who comprise a virtual ethnicity of people inspired by the power of heavy metal, speed metal, black metal and death metal music worldwide. We achieve our ends through peaceful and herbological methods.

In addition to supporting the pantheon of academic and cultural programs above, the Hessian Studies Center aids with time and equipment as well as money the Dark Legions Archive, a repository of analysis concerning the music of the worldwide metal community. Headbangers, metallions, metalheads, longhairs, stoners, and other social rejects apply through means of this email link.


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