He's vicious.
He's a predator.
His menacing jaws, his buckteeth, his really loud belching?
Yep, He's the Dopefish!

Dopefish side view


My friend Andre Viens has finally got me hooked on the Dopefish craze. This stupid little fish now occupies my time too. This page is here because I have always "kind of" liked the Dopefish, but I never had any part of it. Now I have a mission. That mission is to make a really cool 3D model of the Dopefish, and maybe even make my own little animated Dopefish movie.
I thought I would be the first to ever model the Dopefish in 3D, but I have learned that it's been done a few times. I am going to try to improve on what I have seen, and also try and think of some use for it rather than just have a dusty old 3D modelled Dopefish laying around in my hard drive not being used.

I am currently learning my second raytracing program, Ray Dream Studio 5. I tried POV-RAY which I downloaded free off the web, but I quickly learned much of that and wanted something with a better GUI. Ray Dream is very easy to use, and I am learning rapidly. It was inexpensive compared to something like Lightwave or 3DSMAX, but I needed to start small. The Dopefish 3D will be my first actual project that I'll have started since I got RDS. I have currently only been working on the tutorials and learning about rendering FX.

12/20/97 - Here's a small preview of what I have done so far. NO LAUGHING! I told you, I am new to 3D modelling. I have only been working on this for about 2 hours and it is my first attempt at creating a 3D version of a 2D image.

Dopefish top viewDopefish Left ViewDopefish camera view
Top View
to show how round he is
Left view
chasin' some fish
Camera View
messed up his eyes.
Too small.

I added in the small school of fish and the seabed just to spice up the little previews. I know you can't see it in the pictures, but the cool things I actually did a good job on are the colored light creating the illusion of underwater, and also his eyes, I did my first 3D painting, and they looked good. The eyes do need to be larger though, I know that.

I will add more images as I create more! =) If you have any comments, please email me. I'd appreciate any help.

12/28/97 - I have completely started over on the body of the fish. I have found it much easier to use the mesh form to "pull" the fins out from the sphere of the body, rather than create everything as separate pieces and "glue" them together.

1/4/98 - Here is what I have done so far. I have been painstakingly moving each vertex to get the top fin and tail fins correct. I am almost there! I think I did much better with the eyes this time though. They seem much more to scale, and they also look goofier, and you, the visitor to my site can actually see them this time!

angle view of Dopefish 3DScary front view, looking up kind ofSide view
Angle View:
This is the new improved version, so far.
Front Upward View:
The improved eyes
Side View:
messed up the tail a little here. Need to go back into wireframe mode and move vertices.

4/12/98 Okay, I know I haven't updated this in a while. Please just don't shoot me, I have a good reason. You see, I currently only own a 486 computer with barely enough hard drive space to even install a modelling program, let alone enough raw processing power to run the program. The above images were created on my grandfather's pentium. He messes with his computer way too much, and it was very difficult to do anything on it. Now I am staying with my uncle while my mom tries to find a house of our own, so I rarely get to use the pentium at my grandfather's house. Within the next few months we should finally be getting a new computer. But until then, if anyone would really like to see the Dopefish 3D completed, please send your donations! I'm planning on purchasing a Dell dual Pentium 300mhz computer with 128 SDRAM and an ATI graphics card. I figure it'll run me around $5,000- $6,000. =)


Andre ViensCreator of the Dopefish Screen Saver and one of my best friends.
id SoftwareFor creating great games and using the Dopefish.
Tom HallThe guy that actually designed the Dopefish to begin with. Yes, it's all his fault.
Adrian CarmackThe guy that actually drew the Dopefish. Yes, it's his fault too.
Joe SieglerFor being the biggest Dopefish fan, thus keeping him alive, and also for linking my page. Thanks!


alt.fan.dopefishCheck out the new newsgroup started by Andre Viens.
www.dopefish.comThe Official Dopefish Home Page, maintained by Joe Siegler.


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