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AnThraX - The Ongoing Force

Uploaded Cracks
What's new?
Cracks from Cokebottle and TheBrabo. More follows during the day!

One crack by MasterZee, who is a friend of the crew and asked me nicely to take his crack on our site!
- 11/30/98 [12:10 AM Est]

We have some new cracks from Cokebottle and TheBrabo tonight. Check out the archive to download'em.

Besides these cracks there's nothing really new. I'm working on different parts of the site, to fix minor stuff, but I don't have much time to spend on that.

Before I forget. I'm hosting a mirror for Zor on our server. The adress is http://AnThraX.org/zor. He put up a site for those who have ISP's that are baned from http://www.zor.org. If you are with one of them, check his mirror for daily news from the cracking scene!

Just by the way:
H A P P Y - T H A N K S G I V I N G !!!
- 11/26/98 [01:30 AM Est]

Huge update tonight. I uploaded Cracks from Cokebottle and TheBrabo.

- 11/20/98 [11:30 PM Est]

Two new cracks from Cokebottle tonight!
- 11/16/98 [08:35 PM Est]

We are going on 9,000 visitors! At the moment I have some problems with my new sponsor. It brings up a server error when you click on the banner. I hope I can fix it tonight.

Three new cracks from Cokebottle tonight. And the latest version of PortPro, check out the files if you want to download it - and btw, it's FREE!
- 11/14/98 [12:07 PM Est]

- Batch It! v1.2
- Dynamic Submission 2000 v4.0
- Hardwood Solitaire II v1.7 [Enchanted Decks]
- Snag-It v4.3
- Universe v1.6

Since 10/31/98 [10:57 PM Est]

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