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Visioneer to buy ScanSoft ... Netscape's Barksdale talking about retirement ... Macworld Expo SF events list ... jolly online sales forecast ... Jintek to ship three image-management and catalog products., your essential Macintosh resource, the latest Mac news and opinions.
Sunday, December 6, 1998   
Updated Fri, 04:56 PM PST

Apple cuts PB prices
The company on Friday cut prices across its PowerBook G3 line. Meanwhile, Apple addresses reports of shortages of DVD-ROM drives for the notebook systems.

Apple Sweden to bundle PBs, Palm IIIs
MacWorld Sweden Online Editor Nils Holmlöv reports on Apple's effort to push 3Com's Palm III handheld computer as a complement to the PowerBook G3.

FutureTech: Why Unix is cool
Contributing Editor Cameron Crotty discusses everything you wanted to know about Mac OS X and Unix, but were afraid to ask.

Don Crabb: Pay attention to education markets
The K-12 and higher education markets were key to Apple's survival in 1998, and columnist Don Crabb says that with a little attention they can keep the momentum going.

Streaming standards get Real
RealNetworks' G2 suite leverages SMIL, RTSP for streaming Web media. The package is available now for Windows PCs, with Mac and Unix components due in January.

Zaxwerks enlivens Photoshop
The company's new Invigorator plug-in comes to the aid of print and Web designers, adding a full-featured 3D workshop to Adobe Photoshop.

Extensis revs Intellihance image tool
Version 4.0 of Intellihance Pro, available now, can consolidate as many as 50 image adjustments into a single command. It is compatible with Photoshop 4.0 or later and Corel Photo-Paint 8.

Palm VII due next year
Palm Computing says its Mac-compatible Palm VII will begin "field trials" in January and will ship later that year. A host of product and service accompanied its introduction at a developers conference this week.

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Visioneer today announced that it wil buy Xerox subsidiary ScanSoft Inc. and adopt that company's name as its own as it focuses exclusively on imaging software. Visioneer said it will sell its scanner business (and the Visioneer brand name) to a newly formed subsidiary of Primax Electronics Ltd.

With the AOL merger all but a done deal, Netscape CEO Jim Barksdale is beginning to plan his retirement, according to San Jose Mercury News columnist Dan Gillmor.

Right on schedule, Mac gadfly Ilene Hoffman has posted Rev A of her Robert Hess Memorial Macworld Expo Events List for Macworld Expo San Francisco, which will run Jan. 4-8. Mac-industry players planning to host an Expo event can submit their party plans to, and Expo attendees seeking the skinny on additional events can register at

Judging from early returns, online retailers say they're looking forward to jolly holiday sales this year, but buyers beware: There's a dark side to this season's online sales boom. Several sites have experienced problems holding up under the load of shoppers, in some cases (Toys R Us, for example) shutting down entirely.

More than half of Internet first-timers today are women, according to a new Georgia Tech University study, and online culture is changing dramatically as a result. (Four years ago, by comparison, women made up only 3 percent of the Net audience.)

Online vendor eToys has the lead so far, but Toys R Us has the brand name that kids know best. An interesting read at says the two companies' online battle may determine which matters most.

Product announcements

Jintek LLC is set to ship three image-management and catalog-publishing products early next month. Treasure, a stand-alone application ($49), lets graphic designers automatically build image catalogs for searching, browsing and previewing images. Catalog selections can be output as HTML files with images converted to JPEG or GIF so that catalogs can be remotely viewed on Web sites. Treasure XT ($99) and Treasure Pro XT ($499) are XTensions for QuarkXPress. Treasure XT supports drag-and-drop image importing into existing picture boxes and directly onto pages. Treasure Pro XT has database-driven features that automate catalog, brochure and directory production.

Okipage 8c is a color printer from Okidata, a division of Oki America Inc. The printer is priced at $3,500 and requires an OkiLAN 510e Ethernet internal printer server for Mac compatibility. The digital LED printer, which can be networked, handles as many as 1,100 sheets of paper and outputs eight color pages per minute at 600 by 600 dpi. It has 32 Mbytes of memory, expandable to 80 Mbytes.

Boolean Search 2.0 is a Web server plug-in from Limit Point Software. Compatible with WebStar 1.32/3.x and all other WSAPI-compatible Web servers, the application is priced at ($247) and an optional PDF Decoder for $77. This version was rewritten and has an number of new features, including support for Acrobat PDF and multi-homing, context summaries and a site index to help administrators modify site content to promote targeted search results.

UmaxTool 1.0 is a free system utility for SuperMacs from UMAX Computer Corp. The maintenance release lets users clear both low and extended PRAM and delete desktop database files or the AppleShare PDS file.

Retriever 1.1, shareware ($15) from Cyber Disc, is a multithreaded offline Internet client and link manager. This version fixes some bugs in Version 1.03 and includes interface and speed improvements.

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