ConQuesT 28
Kansas City, Missouri May 23-25, 1997
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Guest of Honor: Larry Niven
Artist Guest of Honor: Alan M. Clark
Fan Guest of Honor: Bob Stoltman
Toastmaster: Wm. Mark Simmons
Confirmed Attendees
Robin Wayne Bailey - Bill Baldwin - Mitchell Bentley - Allison Stein Best
Leonard Bishop - James Burk - Crispin Burnhan - Lynette Burrows
Rob Chilson - Glen Cook - Tracy Craigen - Davi Dee - Randy Farran
Jan Sherrell Gephardt - James Gunn. - Ken Keller - Lee Killough - Vince Koehler - Lubov
Harold McEldery - Lucinda McNary - Terry Matz - Harold McEldery
Paula Helm Murray - Lyn Nichols - Rusty Nixon - David Nordhaus - Bear Reed
Irwin K. Roberts - Selena Rosen - Kurt Roth - Glenn Sixbury - Thomas M. K. Stratman
Lucy Synk - Roger Tener - Mac Tonnies - Wilson "Bob" Tucker
Dave Truesdale - Rick Urdiales - William F Wu
ConQuesT is a general Science Fiction Convention with several tracks of programming, a dealers room(including 6 book dealers), art show & auction, masquerade, filking, gaming, video programing, dances, autograph sessions and children's programming(not a baby sitting service). The primary focus of ConQuesT is Written SF and Fantasy. Although the Closing Ceremony is late Sunday afternoon, it will be followed by a mass BBQ run and Sunday evening will have a dance, dead dog party and other activities. Most attendees stay through Monday.
The theme of ConQuesT 28 is "We Are Family" and the Friday evening author and artists reception will be a family picnic with food and all the games that you play at a family reunion.
Benefit Auction
Once again, the ConQuesT benefit auction will raise money for a exciting project - the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame. Over the years, the ConQuesT benefit auction has developed a reputation as one of the best and most interesting events in midwest fandom. Our scouts search the countryside for rare and unusual items-manuscripts, first editions, artwork in all media and just plain bizarre stuff. This is auction as performance-art!
The 1997 Hall of Fame inductees will be announced at ConQuesT 28. The induction will take place at the Campbell Conference Awards Ceremony on July 12 at the University of Kansas Alumni Center in Lawrence, Kansas. The 1996 inductees were A. E. van Vogt, Jack Williamson, John W. Campbell Jr. and Hugo Gernsback.
ConQuesT will once again take place at the Park Place Hotel, I-435 & Front Street, Kansas City, MO (816) 483-9900 or (800) 821-8532. There is an indoor/outdoor pool so bring your swimsuit.
Room Rates: $53 for 1-4 people, $65 for King suites
If you intend to host a party at ConQuesT, you need to contact Barbara Walley at (816) 761-9704 prior to making your room reservations.
Art Show
ConQuesT's art show as grown in size and quality and contains some of the finest artists in the field, both professional and amateur. There will be both direct sales and an auction. ConQuesT has a juried art show. If you are an artist wanting in on the fun please contact Paula Helm Murray for more information.
Adults: $25 at the door
Children 6-12:$12.50
More Info
For more info or to send in your registration please write to ConQuesT 28, P. O. Box 36212, Kansas City MO 64171. Please make your check out to ConQuesT. You may also leave voice mail inquiries between 9AM and 9PM at (913) 768-0779 or email
Nearby Attractions / Top
The Art of Alan M. Clark
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In 1997 ConQuesT will continue its small, but high quality, gaming program. The gaming at ConQuesT is sponsored by The Role-Players Guild of Kansas City. Events planned throughout the convention include RPGA(tm), AD&D, Magic: The Gathering and other board and role-playing games. All games are scheduled on a four hour block and typically have 4-6 players.

ConQuesT is sponsored by the Kansas City Science Fiction & Fantasy Society
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