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October 15, 1998

In the latest installment of Outraged!, I talk about the soon to be famous Microsoft Halloween document.

Check out the web site for my book on CGI programming.

The full, uncompressed text of the classic hacker 'zine Informatik is now online.

      Hi. My name is Rafe Colburn, this is my home page. What you will find here is an archive of some of the stuff I've written (going way back). You'll also find a pointer to a book I wrote, called Teach Yourself CGI Programming in a Week.

      What you won't find are pictures of my pets, pictures of my wedding, or interpretations of my dreams. Believe me, it's no great loss.

      I work as a Web application designer for an Internet professional services firm. I get to learn lots of cool things all the time, and when I get a chance, I try to pass along some of that cool stuff through my page on technology.

      When I have spare time, I also like to hold forth on the state of the Internet, the computer industry, and American popular culture. If that interests you, check out my ezine, Outraged!.

      In any case, you can always feel free to send me email.

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