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Management Software
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GlucoPilot 1.0

GlucoPilot User's Manual!

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A portion of the proceeds are donated directly to the American Diabetes Association!
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GlucoPilot has been purchased by
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GlucoPilot is a 5-STAR Editor's Pick at ZDNET!

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GlucoPilot is a Diabetes Management log for the PalmPilot. It logs glucose (blood sugar), insulin, and carbohydrates.  GlucoPilot was written by a diabetic, for other diabetics and their families.  GlucoPilot helps Type I and Type II diabetics manage their blood sugar. I hope that it is easy and fun to use, and in some way, makes living with Diabetes a little easier.

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NEWS: Softcare continues work on GlucoPilot! 
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GlucoPilot has an impressive feature list:

  • Historical logging of your blood sugar, injections, and carbohydrates.
  • Support for mg/dl AND European mmol/l
  • Fully Configurable Charting,
  • Quick Dates in Charts (last 14 days, etc)
  • Fully Configurable Data Ranges
  • Scrollable charts with the Hardware scroll buttons
  • Historical Line Charts with "Hot Data Points"
  • Histogram bar chart gives you a dynamic distributed view on your progress!
  • Pie Charts showing what percentage of your readings are within your Target!
  • Export to Quote-Comma delimited format to the Pilot Memo Application.  Data is then automatically sync'ed to your desktop.   You can paste it directly into your favorite spreadsheet.
  • Flexible Columns - Tailor your own view
  • Filter by Category (Dinner, Lunch, etc) AND Type (Regular, NPH, Glucose)
  • Show Date in List or in Title
  • Additional room for your own notes, these are displayed in the Line Chart "Hot Data Points!"
  • Record Details Screen
  • QuickSum gives you 7 quick views on how you're doing!
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What should GlucoPilot be ported to next?

WindowsCE PalmPC
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GlucoPilot Poll #1
What feature is most important for the next version of GlucoPilot?

More Graph Choices
Hookup to Glucose Meter
Sync directly to a Desktop PC Version
More Reporting
None, it's perfect

Current Results
All this for $20US!
LESS than a box of glucose test strips! 
LESS than a bottle of insulin!
LESS than a third of the cost of a desktop Diabetes App!

If you'd like to be involved, with suggestions,
testing, or investment, please email us!

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GlucoPilot - Diabetes Management for the PalmPilot

GlucoPilot - Diabetes Management for the PalmPilot