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Super Mario World Picture        Welcome to the Videogame Music Archive! Ever since I first got the Nintendo Entertainment System, videogame music has been an enjoyable part of the videogaming experience for me. Whenever I hear music from any of the old classic videogames, I look back with nostalgia towards the simple life of the early 1990s. Thus, for the purpose of directing others to a source of great music, I have put online my entire collection of videogame music MIDIs.

       What makes this webpage different from any other videogame music webpage? (1) New transcriptions of songs - by such talented artists like Erik. Many songs are submitted to us first, before any other place on the internet. (2) Videogame Encyclopedia - Maintained by Ross Bemrose. The world's only online listing of every videogame ever made. (3) With over 5,000 midis, we easily have the largest collection of videogame music in the world.

- Mike Newman
VGMusic Founder

Archive News

Monday, November 30

       Quiz #6 is up, go play it now! Game Music Quiz (Necrosaro)

Saturday, November 28

       MILESTONE: We hit 400,000 hits on the counter today! We're now entering the final stretch to one-half million visitors! I just happened to wake up at 3am EST and check the counter. (Powerlord)

Tuesday, November 17

       Stephen Kennedy, of KFSS Studios, has been working on making three CDs of Squaresoft music: one Symphonic, one Rock/Techno, and one relaxation or meditative CD. The music will be in regular CD audio format, so your regular old CD-player can play it. Square is currently reviewing the project for licensing and copyrighting (I hope everything works out!). To learn more about the project, visit ZodiacBrave. Also, contact Stephen Kennedy if you wish to be put on the mailing list for the news about this project. (Mike Newman)

Tuesday, November 10

       SSTrax is finally opening it's doors on SSTrax is our ONLY hosted site, a module tracking group based on IRC. This is the premiere Squaresoft tracking group on the web, with members such as TSSF (he has a lot of works on RPGamer). (Powerlord)

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Game Music Quiz - Necrosaro's Game Music Quiz, a game where you have to face the music... then guess what game it's from.
Videogame Encyclopedia - The world's only attempt to list every videogame ever made.
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