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Topic: Industry Chatter

The geeks will be tossing around the latest tidbits from the industry press: iMac, Intel, Windows, Microsoft vs. US DOJ, Netscape purchase by AOL and whatever else YOU want to talk about when YOU call in with your comments or questions.

Future Shows
Programming with Perl - The geeks talk about Perl, Tcl and other scripting languages
UNIX - signs of life from the venerable old OS
Personal Digital Assistants - they're small, useful and getting cheap

A geek is a nerd with social skills.
Computers and the Internet are becoming an important part of every day life. Are you ready? Tune in Monday nights, call in with your questions, and join our resident geeks in exploring the trials and tribulations, and rewards, of cyberspace.

Your Host and Resident Geeks

Mark Hanford
Mark is the host of geekspeak. He worked for over 10 years in both public and commercial radio in Boise, Idaho. He now resides in Santa Cruz, where he works for Cruzio, does the Netpunk magazine column for San Francisco's Maximum RocknRoll magazine, and maintains the Screwball Punk Page.
Chris Neklason
Chris is one of the resident geeks. He's currently CEO and CTO of Cruzio/The Internet Store in Santa Cruz with his wife (CFO and COO Peggy Dolgenos) but wishes he were at the beach instead of carrying all these darned cell phones and pagers.
Steve Schaffer
Steve is the other resident geek. He's owner and czar of Gunther Computer in Santa Cruz.

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