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December 11, 1998
Diablo II - PC
The bad boys of Blizzard are back with the ultimate hack & slash fix.

Thief: The Dark Project - PC
reviews: Looking Glass does it again with this amazingly fresh take on the first-person shooter.

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil - N64
reviews: IGN64 reviews one of the holiday's hottest titles...

FIFA '99 - PSX
reviews: Tighter control, improved presentation, and plenty more to get your kicks from...

Powerstone Movie - DC
news: Capcom's next-generation 3D fighter is incredible -- bye-bye Streetfighter!

Today's Content

Thief 2? Quite Likely - PC
news: Looking Glass assumes Thief: The Dark Project will get a sequel.

glDoom Release - PC
reviews: An id Software classic is about to get a brand new look...

Glover - PC
reviews: I gotta hand it to the little guy, Glover is easy to love.

Redguard - PC
reviews: A fresh blend of classic adventure and accelerated action, hamstrung by dated technology.

Factor 5 Interview
news: Behind the force of Rogue Squadron...

Mario Golf - N64
previews: Nintendo keeps 'em coming. How would you like to play golf with Mario and friends?

N64 Modem Confirmed - N64
news: Nintendo announces a new hardware attachment in Japan that enables Internet access and online gaming.

Dienstbier on DD and 4MB Pak - N64
news: Turok 2's project manager speaks on 64DD's demise and the 4MB Expansion Pak.

Need For Speed 4 Confirmed - PSX
news: EA's much-improved exotic sports car racing game shifts into fourth gear.

First Screens of Capcom's New Legends - PSX
news: The "Legend" continues with new gameplay elements, better graphics, and… less Megaman?

NBA Showtime - PSX
news: Here's the first look of Midway's next arcade sports title. Is it coming to the PlayStation?

Unmined Tombs in Lara's Latest - PSX
news: We separate rant, rage, and hype from fact in the wake of TRIII's release.

Midway to Dreamcast - DC
news: Three new titles officially confirmed.

Dance for your Dreamcast - DC
news: Konami's sequel to Beat Mania scheduled for Dreamcast.

IGN'S Holiday Game Guide
reviews: Updated this week -- not one, not two, but THREE letters pages!

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Entertainment News

Star Trek 101
movies:Is that Insurrection in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

MOVIES: Star Trek Insurrection
sci-fi:Revolution successful

Test Your South Park Literacy
TV:You think you're smart? Or maybe lucky? Test your knowledge and enter to win some kick ass South Park paraphernalia

Marathon of Music
music:Out of 1000 bands, which ones are worth your time and money? daily music gives it to you straight

Part 1 of the Norrath travel guide in today's EverQuest update ... with 27 new screenshots.

Hyrule Times: Zelda Help (Vol. 5)
Is the Water Temple really that tough? More help for all you stuck Zelda players.

Purchase the Ultimate Code Bible
PSM Magazine is publishing a complete code bible -- and it's a must.

Chakan: The Dreamcast Man
Is the ex-Genesis superhero on his way to DC?


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