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Hi There!! You have found the Home Page of MacRonin.Com, an enlightened Information Technology Consulting firm based in New York City.

The primary public sections of the site are the News Page, a Macintosh resources section, and section related to Privacy and Civil Rights.

News from previous days can be found by going to my News Page[NEWS].
Thursday, December 10, 1998

Webintosh - XApple Reaches Out To Student Developers. Apple has introduced a program aimed at student developers. The program is called The Apple Developer Connection (ADC) Student Program and is designed to put the tools that students need to develop great Mac apps in their hands.

Newsbrief: Steve Jobs CAUSE '98 Keynote.

CNET News.com - Consolidation marches through Net Security.

CNET News.com - Microsoft revs anti-piracy technology. With the release of Microsoft Office 2000, Microsoft is expanding its anti-software piracy program to several countries to help reduce theft and simplify registration of the popular desktop productivity suite.

The Registration Wizard makes registration a part of installing the product and helps prevent illegal installations. Customers can use the product 50 times before registration is required. I wonder what questions will be required in the registration process? I doubt that they will stop at the information that they actually need to do their job

CNET News.com - Apple's Jobs hints at '99 products. Apple Computer interim CEO Steve Jobs offered a view of "Apple'"s product direction today at an education conference in Seattle, saying that a new version of its QuickTime multimedia software will be introduced next month while a new consumer portable device would not.

The News Page has the most recent weeks worth of news pointers, while the MacRonin.Com home page itself only has pointers from the most recent day. This is backed up with an archive that has monthly groupings, as well as individual entries for each day. The entire news archive (as well of the rest of the site), is indexed with a local "Excite" search site function. Some topics followed are the Macintosh, Privacy and Civil Rights, as well as telecommunications for voice and data.

The Privacy and Civil Rights section tries to point out issues of that should be of concern to many people. Some topics mentioned are: cryptography, selling of personal data by third parties and restrictions on free speech.

The Macintosh section has pointers to informational and dignostic resources.

If you know of a site that you think should be included in my coverage or News Page let me know. You can do this by sending me an E-Mail or using the guestbook[FORM] [SMILEY].

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