Monolith Internet Services

Monolith Internet Services would like to announce it's


due to technical and organizational problems, including a complete server failure. Depending on which project, the shutdown will affect you differently...

FREEDomain Service

For users using our FREEDomain service (*.ML.ORG, hostnames and subdomains) we are hoping and trying to transfer our service to another provider; after the transfer is complete, we expect your service to resume as normal. Please see the FREED page for more information.

ATHOME Service

We have two classes of users of our ATHOME service (*.HOME.ML.ORG, *.BASE.ORG, URL redirection) -- those who have donated for service into 1999, and everyone else. For our donators service will continue until the donation period expires. For everyone else we will run a transition service for as long as we can. For more details, please see our ATHOME page.

DYNDNS Service

For users of our experimental DYNDNS service (*.DYN.ML.ORG), we are sorry but this service is closed. DYNDNS was always in beta -- we were never able to work out the bugs and deal with the heavy abuse. For more details, please see our DYNDNS page.

Other Service

Any other miscellaneous services and perks offered are no longer available as our primary server is no longer functioning and no backup is available. If you are interested, you may read the original announcement. Finally, since we no longer provide email support, you may contribute comments to our Web Board.

Thank you for many years of support. We hope that others will come forward and fill the void we are leaving. Monolith Board of Directors.

R.I.P. Monolith Internet Services Dec 94 - Dec 98

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