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Note: The first 300+ "Helen" strips are in the Archive Section.

Normally I do not recommend personal home pages, but in this case The Fife Page deserves such. Jay's painting and drawing is unique and accomplished and his "Yadda Yadda" section is a stitch. Check it out.

I would like to thank Daryl Cagle and his Pro Cartoonist Site for selecting "Helen" for a Top Pencil Award. I would also like to express my gratitude to Australia's "" magazine for their wonderful 5 Star review! You may read this review, along with other things readers have said about the strip, in the Comments section.

"Helen, Sweetheart of the Internet" is a strip by Peter Zale about the glamour of the information age, focusing on a beautiful and brilliant computer geek named Helen Arianna Nichols who runs the electrical systems for Martin Kirby Corp. Helen, friends and co-workers inhabit an intense world where humor is as necessary as a good LAN. Read the strip from the beginning if you like and don't forget to let me know what you think!

Also, for your viewing pleasure, check out our Fun Page with other work Peter has done, or view Peter's College Press Service syndicated strip "Spencer Green". You can also indulge in playing The Advertising Game (a cartoon-rich site Peter helped design for Saifman, Richards and Associates) or check out Peter's illustration work on the Cohen and Company web site. Finally, don't forget to see the absolutely terrific 10 Laughs A Day (which features new cartoons every day from some of the finest names in the field) or Charlie Parker's web masterpiece Argon Zark.


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