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Welcome to the official website for the Python language. The following items are accessible from the top of each page on this site:

  • Home - this page: orientation, announcements, news
  • Help - if you're new here, or simply lost
  • Search - various Python search engines
  • Community - the Python Software Activity
  • Download - Python runs on your favorite platform
  • SIGs - Special Interest Groups' mailing lists and archives
  • Documentation - copious, online and downloadable
  • Modules - 3rd party software to download separately
Other items of interest:


A Python Consortium? - CNRI invites organizations to join the Python Consortium. (8-Oct-98)

JPython version 1.0.3 - seamless integration of Java and Python, certified 100% Pure Java. 1.0.3 is a minor update. (30-Oct-98)

Python 1.5.1 - a minor upgrade to 1.5. Also check out the patches! (14-Apr-98)

Recent releases and other news

A sampling from comp.lang.python.announce.

The Spirit of IPC7 - Frank Stajano captures the essence of IPC7 in his incisive report. (7-Dec-98)

Zope 1.9b1 - Principia goes open source. It will revolutionize web site creation. (4-Dec-98)

Conference memories... - collected by Cameron Laird. (25-Nov-98)

New Gnuplot.py - Python interface for the "gnuplot" plotting program. (18-Nov-98)

ExtensionClass 1.2 - making Python extension types more class-like. (18-Nov-98)

Maxtal Interscript 1.0a7 - support for literate programming. (12-Nov-98)

Python Pocket Reference - A new O'Reilly book summarizing Python and associated tools. (09-Nov-98)

mxDateTime 1.1.0 - Generic Date/Time Types. (08-Nov-1998)

Sketch 0.5.1 - a vector drawing program for Linux/Unix written in Python. (08-Nov-98)

mxODBC 0.9.0 - ODBC Interface. (08-Nov-1998)

4DOM 0.6.0 - CORBA-aware implementation of W3C's Document Object Model. (05-Nov-98)

Fnorb 0.8 - a Python CORBA ORB. (4-Nov-98)

Grail 0.5 - New release of the Python Internet browser with XBEL support. (2-Nov-98)

Python binaries for Cygwin32 (0.1.0) - Python binaries for Cygwin32 containing ncurses and NumPy-1.1. (27-Oct-98)

Sketch 0.5.0 - a vector drawing program for Linux/Unix written in Python. (27-Oct-98)

XBEL 1.0 - First release of XML Bookmark Exchange Language. (28-Oct-98)

Python Journal V1#1 - First issue of the Python (online) Journal. (27-Oct-98)

Python URL - Weekly synopses covering postings to comp.lang.python. (26-Oct-98)

WebLog 0.99 - Web logfile parsing and manipulation classes. (25-Oct-98)

facemail 1.0b1 - MIME mail user agent written in Python. (23-Oct-98)

mxTools 0.9.0 - Additional Builtins for use in Python. (23-Oct-1998)

FuzzyCLIPS wrapper 1.0 - Python wrapper to the CLIPS inference engine API with extensions to deal with fuzzy inference via FuzzyCLIPS. (19-Oct-98)

xmlarch 0.20 - XML architectural forms processor written in Python. (16-Oct-98)

PySol 1.11 - Python Solitaire Game (using Tkinter). (09-Oct-98)

Zephyr 2.0 - Zephyr bindings for Python (08-Oct-1998)

Linux Python Distribution - updated Python distribution for Linux. (07-Oct-1998)

Gadfly RDBMS 1.0 - a free, portable SQL database query engine written in Python. (06-Oct-98)

Linux Python Distribution 1.5.1 - updated and extended version of the Python 1.5.1 distribution for Linux (with latest patches). (05-Oct-98)

Revised pre-release version of the PSA XML-Sig's implementation of the XML Document Object Model (DOM) available from the XML-SIG's public CVS tree.

Python CE mailing list - for discussions about the Windows CE port of Python. (04-Oct-98)

MySQLmodule 1.4 - MySQL database interface (see download/contrib section at tcx.se). (03-Oct-1998)

Prior News