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Digital Picture Archive
on the 17th floor

It has been almost 3 years now since this archive was closed. Amazingly enough, this page still attracts a considerable number of hits per day. I do not have time nor the patience to put effort in it.

Looking back, the site was an amazing experience. It was operational since 1991, first as ftp-site, then as gopher and WWW site. It was one of the first and one of the busiest on the internet. Over a period of 12 months in 1994, I counted a total of 664,681 different persons visiting the archive (which amounted in many tenth of millions of visits). Regularly, there were as many as 10,000 different people per day. Eventually, the amount of traffic could not be supported by the network. Using an infamous access restriction system we could limit the amount of pictures to 15,000 per day. This site alone was responsible for over 95% of the traffic to the entire Delft University. As of october 1994, we had to stop the unrestricted access to the automatic picture feed from usenet news. The porn in that newsfeed attracted too many people, especially from the UK and the USA. Even without the porn, the traffic remained at some 3000 people per day. This was considerable, give the limited size of the internet in those times.

Greetings from Delft,