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Typography on the Web

In February 1996 we announced our plans to extend font support to the World Wide Web. We're almost there! The articles in this section explain our strategy, and show how anyone can add font support to their Web pages today using Cascading Style Sheets and the FONT FACE tag.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 supports Embedded fonts
If you are using Micosoft Internet Explorer 4 check out our font embedding demo pages. If you are a Web site designer be sure to download the beta version of our Web Embedding Fonts Tool version 2. The tool lets you create and link 'font objects' to your Web site so visitors will see text displayed in your choice of font.

typographic ornament screen capture at 25%

The typographic ornament demo uses tables to achieve checkerboard patterns, which are colored and filled with various symbols taken from the Border Web and Kingston fonts.

Microsoft's plans
In this section our Typography on the Web strategy is explained. This strategy includes support for OpenType TM, a new font format designed by Microsoft and Adobe Systems, Inc. to make font use and management much more transparent and trouble free.

Specifying fonts in Web pages
Cascading Style Sheets are the best way to specify fonts and typographic layout within Web pages. They are supported by Microsoft® Internet Explorer and the latest versions of Netscape's browser. We've reproduced parts of the official Cascading Style Sheets specification, and added notes explaining techniques to help you get the most from this new technology. This section also includes an analysis of the FONT FACE tag.

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